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Four Ways Every Business Can Benefit from Artificial Intelligence

Four Ways Every Business Can Benefit from Artificial Intelligence

The field of artificial intelligence was born at Dartmouth College in 1956 at a conference where the leading experts in the field of computer science met. A feeling of optimism pervaded the conference at attendees were confident that within 20 years, machines would be doing all our work for us. But by the 70’s humans were no closer to creating artificial intelligence and money and interest in the field dried up. It was only recently that interest in AI was renewed and it has led to the current artificial intelligence revolution that we are in the midst of. Now that the day dream about at the Dartmouth conference of 1956 is just around the corner, here are four ways businesses can be benefiting from artificial intelligence.

Virtual assistance

Chat bots and virtual assistants can help businesses with customer service applications. When people need to speak with a customer service representative, there’s nothing worse than getting a machine who drones on about different options. You get bounced around to different menus and agents for several minutes until you’re finally connected to the person who can help you. Chat bots and virtual assistants will change all of that.

Generating insights

Since AI is great at analyzing massive amounts of data and recognizing patterns, it can assist businesses in finding trends and capitalizing on them early.

Automation of manual processes

The industrial revolution gave us machines like tractors that made manual labor a lot easier. With the artificial intelligence age, not only can machines automate manual work, they can automate any routine work even if it involves cognitive processes.

Unlocking unstructured data

An estimated 80% of digital data is unstructured. Current technology can’t analyze that unstructured data and it all goes to waste, AI can and will unlock all sorts of new information for businesses.

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