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What are the biggest differences between a male and female exercise regime?

Ever noticed that most gym houses have separate sections for some men’s and women’s activities? This indicates to an extent, that there are differences between a male and female exercise regime. While some people advocate there shouldn’t be any difference, others share the idea that many differences abound.

What are the biggest differences between a male and female exercise regime?

Although the basics of exercise regime seem to be the same for both men and women – train body weight activities, focus on the core, do multiple joint exercises and others, there are differences you shouldn’t neglect.

Greater muscle mass increase in men than women

Apparently, there are some things women can do, and there are things they should do. When a woman engages in the same strength training with a man, the male shows a significant physical development than the female counterpart. However, it’s not advisable for both sexes to engage in the same exercise intensity. Men are genetically more exposed to building bigger and broader muscles than the female counterparts when they engage in exercises.

Injury vulnerability

When it comes to exercise, males seem to show more tendon strength than females. That possibly shows that men are less susceptible to injuries. However, if proper exercise precautions are not employed, both genders can be exposed to a high risk of injuries.


Motivation is one of the significant factors that differentiate males from females during workouts. Men indulge in different exercises because they have plans –