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EggPlant Yumm

Welcome to Summer Dacha Season,

The time to escape the city, pick berries, play in the fields, frolic in the river, build bon fires and jump over them - also the season of first kisses and all architypes of pagan romance rituals - more on those later. But the best part of dacha season is the food, most of it fresh from the garden.

My favorites are the eggplant creations - and there are many.

The versatile 'gord' can be done grilled, baked, pan fried, deep fried, or of course screwered on a kabab lance. The first step is to get a good ripe eggplant and slice it into rounds that are as about as thick as your pinky finger. Next, do the same for tomatoes, and rounded cheese log - I prefer a smoked gouda. You want to pull the moisture out of the eggplant - a coating of table salt will do that, pat them down with a napkin after about a half an hour and brush off that extra salt that didn't absorb. Next, the Olive oil, coat them liberally with spalshes from the spicket, if you are deep frying them, this is your first step to a 'wash' that leads to Panko breading.

Mayo is the most prevalent thing in Russian and Ukrainian Salads - I must admit, I don't like it. Growing up - I had a cousin that would microwave hotdogs and then use the sliced dog as a spoon to eat mayo right out of the jar. To this day - I can't look at mayo without getting a little bit of the heaves. *yick*

The Traditional sauce

1/2 cup mayo

1/4 tsp salt

1/8 tsp pepper

3 minced garlic cloves

Sauce ala Boria

3 Egg Yolks

2 Table Spoons of water

1 cup of REAL butter

Fresh Lemon - cut and juiced to give 2 tablespoons of splash

1 Tablespoon of spicy brown mustard (I like French's)

Pinch of salt, Pepper and dash of Cayanne

Make the ingredients like a traditional Hollandaise sauce.

Easy Hollandaise

So lay out the eggplant rounds, layer on the sauce, add a thick slice of cheese, the tomato and garnish the top with fresh dill. If you are serving this for breakfast this is where the poached egg would go. If you like the cheese melted, put them back on the grill on foil for a bit, or in the oven at 150f for five minutes.

Sometimes when I do this - bacon will appear- Don't hate.

You can prep these ahead of time as appetizers while you wait for the meat to grill - or as the main event.

EggPlant Yumm

and now for something completely different.   Elina from Kiev - because interwebz loves bikinis. (and cats) 

EggPlant Yumm

Welcome to Summer ;) 

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#1 @Dean Owen The 'Ramen Pizza' was not my recipe - it was a BuzzFeed meme - that I had the unfortunate idea to try. *yick* French fries are the better Pizza Crust Alternative - definitely. ..... and I am not going on any nude cooking show - in fact, y'all should pay me to never see that.

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Dean Owen Jun 22, 2016 · #1

Ahh the humble Aubergine. So versatile. Your recipe actually looks good! Certainly a vast improvement over your ramen pizza. I have no idea if people outside Japan know of Nasubi, a Japanese comedian named Eggplant who got famous by doing a reality show where he started off with nothing, no food, no clothes, and a tiny eggplant would cover his, well, eggplant. He had to survive purely on winning sweepstakes.

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