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Kyrzbekistan: Part 18

*****   Warning: Delicate Sensibilities WILL be OFFENDED.  Early & Often   *****************

I rubbed my eyes and took the last pull off the iced coffee, hitting the audible slurp suck sound that occurs when all the black magic is gone and I am only left with ice that is giving up its last remnants of the elixir as it melts. Ugh. Being from Seattle, we think coffee should flow through our veins. I would be good until afternoon prayer call, and then the wall would hit. The roller coaster of caffeine - my favorite ride, especially when Chaos Circus was in town and running.

Upon the wall behind Mama's computer was a wall of photos tacked to a cork board, the original 'Facebook'. Beach, beach, bikinis, bar-b-que, sailboats, a horse cart, a bunch of men in euro speedos, duck-lip selfies, air thrusted froo-froo drinks by girls that were probably paid to pose like that world over - Insta-ho's ~ meme that has been cultivated from what was 'Promoter Girl' from the 80's.  It all looked very much like the board in the Usual Suspects - a beautiful chaos in disarray ... until you see the one thing that makes it all pull together from the fog of confusion. 

Kyrzbekistan: Part 18

......and there she was a talent show girl with a very familiar face.   I pointed to the photo....

"Mama, tiy znaesh li Nadiry!?' Mama ~ you know Nadira ?!
'Ny, Koneshno, Ona raydum izvestnaya Ona pyiet.' But of course she is nearly famous around here. She is singer.

Kyrzbekistan: Part 18

The photo was from the RamaRoki festival. During the month of Ramadan there are huge festivals and talent shows to entertain the passing pilgrims headed to Mecca and Medina on the Haj. For those that still take the traditional caravan routes, Asotenya is right on their well beaten path. Mama will make most of her profits during the event, while the riverbank is nearly a ghost town the rest of the year. It was all very similar to what happens in the Blackhill regions of South Dakota when the bikers descent upon Sturgis. 

Kyrzbekistan: Part 18
Mama: She is really good, she do most of alls the Hip and the Hop, Raps and derka techno.
Me: What is derka techno?
Mama: It is western beats but Russian and Kryzbeki words and even Arabski too.
Me: like the rocked out call to prayer this morning? The Clash, I thought I heard them this morning!
Mama: yes - that is DJ Saheeid, he is great, his calls are almost booty shakers, you Getz to the oooookno and the Kaa~aba.

Kyrzbekistan: Part 18

Mama was up from her chair to drop it like it is jarko and get neezkii with it, and in the heels and the shorty short skirt, it was a nice break from beezness planning. As I was contemplating that indeed all the girls here seem to sport tall kabylkax, Mama had moved from getting low and backing it up to the wall, to a very energetic grind and grope in my lap.
Whatever is in the water in this town?

Mama: You like to the dance? 

It was morning, and the soldier did stand to attention for the call to trample a flower or pluck a plum: she was working a rotate - pop - lock - slide and twist could turn putty to a statue. Mmmmm and she smelled good too, a lilac / lavender bath bomb that was unmistakable, the only thing better to me would be a peach. She spun and put her ankle on my shoulder, and a slow pelvic dip into my lap. Mmmm looking into her eyes, I am sure any attempt to say other than "I was excited" would be an evident and clear lie.
Me: Nadira was right
Mama: How so? Punctuated with a subtle but firm stretch so that all distance between us was gone.
Me: Nadira said you Kryzbeki girls were .....very....persuasive ....

 I felt that our pulses could synch up from the proximity and heat. Mmmmm. "She said you had the dirty version of the Kama Sutra and were witches of sex."
Mama: She is one to talk, you should hear the games we play when she is here....

She put her knuckles in a fist against my zipper, it was the punch the clown good morning that would warrant a cleanup on aisle six soon if she kept that up.  Lamchick moved into overdrive when a Def classic got the 2.o update - came on the shuffled mix from her blaring white handset iBox ....   ufffd

Kyrzbekistan: Part 18

Mama brought her foot off my shoulder and slid into a saddle bred trot posture that was aided by the chairs bottom cross supports, which she was using as a stirrups substitution.

Kalump, hover, twist, grind, elevate, drop, drag, surge, push and thrust
Kalump, hover, twist, grind, elevate, drop, drag, surge, push and thrust
Kalump, hover, twist, grind, elevate, drop, drag, surge, push and thrust
Kalump, hover, twist, grind, elevate, drop, drag, surge, push and thrust

Holy dry hump Bat-Man  ~  Little Miss Innocent..... my ass. 

She leaned in and nibbled to my ear as she whispered in interrogation,
Mama: Do you like my yablochki or do you prefer Nadya's arbysi ?
I am not an experienced Kyrzbeki ambassador, but I am sure it is not priyatno to speak of another's melons and berries when there is just inches from my lips a delicious set of apples. My best response was to simply put my hands on her hips and follow her motions though the grind, pushing her a bit hard on the apex of her curves, the minx was turning it up. 

Kalump, hover, twist, grind, elevate, drop, drag, surge, push and thrust
Kalump, hover, twist, grind, elevate, drop, drag, surge, push and thrust
Kalump, hover, twist, grind, elevate, drop, drag, surge, push and thrust
Kalump, hover, twist, grind, elevate, drop, drag, surge, push and thrust

One lump or two ?!!?!? Pft - come to Kyrzbekistan, they do more grind before 10 am than Seattle did all week. 

She had the pillar head of the dumb-stick matted and choked through my shirt and the hem of my pants.... Na xyu !
Mama: We like to play spin d bytilka, lie or fetch, strip poker, buy the chocolade, ride the donkey and plavnirazdavni
Here she sat her full weight upon my lap. It really wasn't much as she was barely a piroshki more than a vedro, but it was enough, the soldier gave up the salvo, and there was no hiding that she knew of it instantly. Damn sexual witches !

There were definitely was definitely more than a lump - whether it was sugar sweet or not, I would leave that up to her to discern.

She explained to me that Lie or Fetch was a game where the person chooses between the options. If you choose 'Lie', then you must confess a secret about yourself and the other girls will decide if you are lying. If the majority of the girls agree you are lying, the respondent loses an article of clothing and takes a shot. In the Fetch mode, you are given an item to find, and bring back in an allotted time.....if you fail, you loose an item of clothing and take a shot. The booze is a samagon cactus sweet potato distilled mash that will mess up your day and get you hallucinations if you are not careful. It is a ride similar to rogue absynthe.

She slid off me, pleased with her success.
Mama: 'You should go home, shower, change and meet me for obeda'
Me: Ya Bez doma, y menya net dysha. I don't have a place to go back to, no shower.
Mama: Govorite to Mila on your way out. She give you Klyuch to managers komnata and you can priniumaeet , no beastro mne golodnay


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