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Kyrzbekistan: Part 37

While I was blind-folded,  the girls had set up the traditional beer pong table - a college classic.  A few differences appeard for this side of the world.  At my end - was the standard triangle of cups - each with a girl name on them,  except Mila - she said she was going to be the Ref and would take pleasure with the game as she wanted.   Well, this should be interesting.  The 'Girls' end of the table had 10 cups - again six with names and four duds.  The goal was for me to say the girls name and then try and land the ping pong ball into the cup with her moniker on it.  A blind poker upgrade from the original - to be sure.  In Kyrzbekistan - the game is called Golden Cups - and the booze is a 50 / 50 of their meyd piva and local high altitude cactus 'vodka'; a quick and potent drunk was nearly guaranteed. 

I was informed that if I 'won' I could 1) Give the drink to any girl on the team 2) and also Render a Truth or Dare to the owner of the cup.  ...but I was warned that if the girl shooting her ball landed in her own cup on my side - I had to drink no matter what.  Mila handed me the ping pong ball - and reminded me of the bounce rule..... like I had never played the game before - such a cute little minx. 

Years of drunken college parties with stupid drinking games were about to serve me well.... ah the alma matter would be proud.  

Kyrzbekistan:  Part 37

The only difficulty is that I could not see the names on the cups - so, not only did I have to get the ball in the cup - I had to nail the Girl Guess right.  I made my aim, and called out - Irina....... I hit the bounce zone and nailed a dunk into a cup easily.   Irina pulled up the cup and showed me that it was a DUD.   wah wah wahuuuuuun -  it seems Natasha has been watching American game shows - she did the sliding sad trombone effect perfectly. A rolling servi cart with ice and cans was wheeled next to me.  Apparently the penalty for the 'miss' was to Pound a can of Chokyl.  It was about the size of a Red Bull - and it tasted sweet like Koolaid but without all the sugar needed... and it had a kick to it - I could taste a bite of alcohol to it.  The girls were all yelling in unison  Pete Pete Pete Pete Pete ..... no - that is not anyone's name in the party - it is the imperative form of DRINK in Russian & Kyrzbeki.   8oz gone and a quick flush of rush to redden the face and get the blood going - a strong little grenade.  Too many more penalties and it is going to hurt. .... the name of the drink sounds familiar ..... what is that word ...... flarg nastid......

And there it is......Chokyl - BONE.   In addition to the the boozey potent kick - there must be a vaso opener in there too. All aboard the Borya Board - and the girls were not innocent in this - they knew exactly what the lit