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Kyrzbekistan: Part 48

While I was partying at the club – Pete was hard & busy at work building a team of henchmen that could round out the Op to exterminate the cancer that was attempting to invaded the Central Asian Capital. While not still in the military – we both still have extensive contacts, equipment sourcing, dark accounts and database of shadow players. So rounding out the package with the who is who of near, available and ready...

“Mike” is a Yankee Doodle Expat in the zone one 'Stan over. He was working for the 'Company' in a nice cover with Coca Cola as Lead Environmental Engineer. The job afforded him long times off site to test water quality, infrastructure and of course factory facilities. He is well versed in subversive sabotage that can take down a grid and unplug it from either water or power. When he is not at work undermining the host country, he is a happy-go-lucky kinda guy that likes Avatar and Animae on heavy rotation on his Net-Flix.  A true snowflake infiltrator - even sporting the man-bun, dorky fake lenses glasses and neckbeard.

Kyrzbekistan: Part 48

It has been a few years since he left the Dark and Grey Units that wear Green Uniforms – and his body has become the playground of Fast Food and local quick picks. All the better – nobody would suspect that he was once an Operator; or that he still dabbles in it. He runs below the 40 mile mark a week, preferring to keep up his mood with Rock & Roll, Parachuting and week long bouts of Mountaineering. He has a penchant for fighting when he gets to guzzling his trademark Coke & Whiskey in a barrel sized glass. If there were a motto that he lived by – it was as he said countless times - “Give me the Blondes, Keep the Rest.” He is a great guy for the thing that goes Smash, Bang & Boom.

“Alice” is a first gen post-Soviet Femme Fatale, her parents were deep in the Soviet Commuapparatchik architecture and they fully resent the US Imperial Smear that had spread across the globe and still feel threatened by the American Great Satan. She was raised to hate and loathe all that came out of D.C. Her weapons were not iron, steel or caliber but that of figure and coy manipulation. She is covertly friendly when it feeds her needs. A tall brunetta that has big green eyes – a rightful Natasha to a Boris Badinov if there ever was one. She has a sustainable devious streak that moves the boards from bilking money, gaining corporate secrets, instigating NGOs in proxy catfights and of course shopping on someone else's dime. Whether she is playing the Honey Hole in a position of Arm Candy for some dupe that has millions, or she is reveling in a spree with a freshly stolen card – she loves to shop. She is a Travel Baby that gets funded to visit events in Paris, London, Dubai and Maldives. She is a true Red Star Whore for Hire – she will do anything for money. But her true reward, is always leaving carnage from American & Western men and companies in her wake. If you want to put a pretty face into an NGO to destroy it from the inside – she is the perfect weapon. Definitely a first round selection, the right Material Girl for the Gig

Bob 'The Nose' is a dynamic brute force that is not to be avoided. He is an Armenian that has suffered through a 'vacation' in Turkish prison. He has experienced the intimate details of the State provided 'Hotel'. Getting pinched for running cocaine in a heroin rich country was seen as not only illegal – but highly offensive. One simply does not pimp off brand competition in the home country, it is not looked upon as tolerable or conceivable; hell – you could go to jail just for merely suggesting the endeavor. While in the 'resort', he had amassed a prison yard physic – full upper body development and nearly completely ignored chicken legs – the all torso, full Rooster look. Out in the civilian world, there is not much work for an ex-con, so it is easy to fall into the trade and trafficking of bullets, guns, weapons and moving them through the regions. His favorite machinery is always German, though his role model is Rambo. Dressed in sunglasses, fur coat and mustachio – he was never going to blend in, never. His accessories are always on point, it is not the watch to be concerned with, but the H&K on his hip and the MP5 on a shoulder swivel and cutaway pocket in the long goat.

He is known to be a womanizer – and gives not one fuck about who knows it. His attitude is that after a long stint in solitary that, “Women are like cats, they are feral and plenty”. Never be fooled into falling for one, they are all the same, and the line of substitutes are deep and thick. A night out on the down never fails to yield a fresh catch. It is not that he runs a great game with many words – really a grunt and point to the door seems to have always worked will with the fem fodder that ends up on docket for the evening. They never know his name and he never asks them theirs – it is simply nothing of consequence. They provide a useful distraction from the Gym, Garage and Gun range. He is the perfect Security & Enforcer thug you need to make brash statements while leaving bruised & broken bodies behind.

And finally, 'Tiffany' – a slim, lanky blondinka – an iconic stereotypical ditz with very few redeeming qualities other than a knockout figure. She is a crazy, vapid girl that has the hashtag goals to be '#Happy' living the life of a Instagrammy. She grew up in the new Social Media world – a typical aimless wandering humming bird that wants to achieve great success but only if it is handed to her with a silver platter and without any work. She is a 'Master' in Plastic, Strip & Twerk – and garners thousands of followers for her wiggled ass. Of course she wants to live the meme'd showcase of luxury, shopping, jet set life but she is trapped in the far flung capital with cheap knock offs and champagne dreams while living on a Kvas budget. For thrills she likes to watch horror movies and is racking up a marathon “IT” watching spree. She has the body of a Barbie Doll, despite constantly shoving cakes, cookies, pies and cupcakes down her gullet. One day it will catch up to her, but she is practicing a perfect teeter totter of binge and purge to keep her figure. After all, “Beauty will save the world, but first it will leave you wrecked.” Her kitten brain is prefect for connecting with the sponge hordes that are behind the T-shirts, placards and bullhorn parades that they are planning through the capital streets.

Get that motor running - two days out - and all the shit changes.  Poor little snowflakes and NGO pukes wont know what hit them.  Meek, Dumb and Docile targets that have been basting in ideology and lies for far too long.  Easy marks, it is not a question that we will leave them dead and reeling - but how many we actually let live to tell the tale.  

Let the Games begin - the Circus is Inbound.

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