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Kyrzbekistan: Part 48

While I was partying at the club – Pete was hard & busy at work building a team of henchmen that could round out the Op to exterminate the cancer that was attempting to invaded the Central Asian Capital. While not still in the military – we both still have extensive contacts, equipment sourcing, dark accounts and database of shadow players. So rounding out the package with the who is who of near, available and ready...

“Mike” is a Yankee Doodle Expat in the zone one 'Stan over. He was working for the 'Company' in a nice cover with Coca Cola as Lead Environmental Engineer. The job afforded him long times off site to test water quality, infrastructure and of course factory facilities. He is well versed in subversive sabotage that can take down a grid and unplug it from either water or power. When he is not at work undermining the host country, he is a happy-go-lucky kinda guy that likes Avatar and Animae on heavy rotation on his Net-Flix.  A true snowflake infiltrator - even sporting the man-bun, dorky fake lenses glasses and neckbeard.

Kyrzbekistan: Part 48

It has been a few years since he left the Dark and Grey Units that wear Green Uniforms – and his body has become the playground of Fast Food and local quick picks. All the better – nobody would suspect that he was once an Operator; or that he still dabbles in it. He runs below the 40 mile mark a week, preferring to keep up his mood with Rock & Roll, Parachuting and week long bouts of Mountaineering. He has a penchant for fighting when he gets to guzzling his trademark Coke & Whiskey in a barrel sized glass. If there were a motto that he lived by – it was as he said countless times - “Give me the Blondes, Keep the Rest.” He is a great guy for the thing that goes Smash, Bang & Boom.

“Alice” is a first gen post-Soviet Femme Fatale, her parents were deep in the Soviet Commuapparatchik architecture and they fully resent the US Imperial Smear that had spread across the globe and still feel threatened by the American Great Satan. She was raised to hate and loathe all that came out of D.C. Her weapons were not iron, steel or caliber but that of figure and coy manipulation. She is covertly friendly when it feeds her needs. A tall brunetta that has big green eyes – a rightful Natasha to a Boris Badinov if there ever was one. She has a sustainable devious streak that moves the boards from bilking money, gaining corporate secrets, instigating NGOs in proxy catfights and of course shopping on someone else's dime. Whether she is playing the Honey Hole in a position of Arm Candy for some dupe that has millions, or she is reveling in a spree with a freshly stolen card – she loves to shop. She is a Travel Baby that gets funded to visit events in Paris, London, Dubai and Maldives. She is a tru