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Kyrzbekistan: Part 50

Kyrzbekistan: Part 50

We were ready to cue up the next game. It was a version of Reverse Redux of Pin the Tail on the Donkey,  the girl "Donkey" would be blindfolded, and she would have to guess who was spanking her ass. If she got it right, she was able to trade out being 'Donkey' – if not, the spanker got to slap her other cheek, and the line would continue until she got it right – a perfect punishment.

So a round of  Schmackeboom  was on deck. Oooopa !

We were all set to wind up a good slap fest,when a staff member brought us the next round of Champagne bottles and Local Kyrzbeki Vodka. A the new girl in uniform brought a host of giggles and stares as the girls devoured her body in turn, and I could not blame them, she was delicious.

She asked if we had heard the news from Bishkek? And we all shook are heads in the negative. It seems that a band of students at the University dressed in hoodies had sacked the snack bar, robbing it of pastries, sandwiches and soft drinks while shouting 'Democracy NOW'. Ah, the globalist miscreant fucks have started early, I thought I had another few days before the shit show kicked off; apparently not. I claimed the Hello Kitty phone again – I sent Mama Lambchik a note – I needed to definitely get the car situation set early tomorrow morning. To sweeten the pot, I sent her a group selfie of the girls and invited her to join us. <SEND>

It is indeed time to put the foot down, ram the line and kill a few of the henchmen; and then move onto senior local management. Checking quickly – Dick was still in his spot, an easy mark. Friday is indeed his last day of sucking air and pushing this globalist shit show production. I spooled back on the alcohol, I need to be fresh and ready for an early morning roll out – a 5 mile run should clear the line and get the brain to the right sizzle. It is time to put the Shadow Games into play – time to put some stooges into Hawaiian shirts with slugs in the head or with their throats slit. Time to torture and remove pawns from the board. I know that my drop package was en bound – but it was still a three day wait.

Korochee Korochee   It is time to fast forward through the sex games and grinding grope fest.

Mama and I rolled up to the long gated road to what would be considered to me a very familiar sight, a big weather worn house that looked like it stumbled right out of my rural childhood, and a barn that had seen better days to match it. For acres, or versts or whatever they called them on this side of the planet, it was the only house standi