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Kyrzbekistan, Part 53: Putting on Coats - Warming up the Spring

Mr. Palto sat staring at his computer screen, blankly, dumbfounded. In his inbox was a note from a long forgotten account. No, it was not some devoshka from eons ago professing her love on the passing of the recent manufactured western holiday that had invaded his homeland – that cursed Valentine's Day. No, this was much more ominous.

Kyrzbekistan, Part 53: Putting on Coats - Warming up the Spring

The first time he had entered into this fray was with youthful zeal and blind enthusiasm that only really occurs during the University. They had called him to join their 'movement' for Fairness, Equality and Anti-Corruption. Students and youth across the city were planning to rise up in protest and direct action against the government, with their demands fro greater pay, less harsh police treatment and of course - #Freedom. None of that would of course appear – and more than a fair share of dead bodies seemed to be the only outcome of the entire evolution. The mistake was believing that government could cure itself from a shock to the system and a change of the figure head leader. But while the fish stinks from the head – the rest of the body is rank & rancid as well; you should not attempt to make a meal or life around that dead corpse.

The second time this shining path of #Glory appeared was 6 years later. Again – preaching the same new ideas of Change – but with new logos and colored T-Shirts. An entire new class of University Plebs were ready to rant, riot and revolt for what was proven flawed barely a handful of years ago. Apparently, the life cycle of memory for a culture is very short term – especially when nobody knew of the dead personally. Further, all news articles of the state murder of the students had been censored, cleansed and erased. It was as if it never even happened. Most of the students that were there the first time, were now working overseas – and the older city residents decided to just stay home, and stay out of the 'discussion'. They had painted the bleating sheep with a new host of hashtags for the new technology – but it was really the same old shit. At least this time, Mr. Palto was paid for his efforts; well greased and funded to coordinate logistics and security of buses, money and propaganda.

They say that 'God loves the 3' – and so today, out of nowhere – is the third iteration of the same fucking game, with more money guaranteed and surely more corpses in the wake. Ah, we are all whores for the cash – everybody is a fucking prostitute – it just matters the price to be paid. There were of course no morals when they push down this kind of 'inducement'. Mr. Palto could refuse.... but he could also end up dead for doing such – he was too far down the rabbit hole – he 'knew too much'. And if he said, “No” - they will still push the next round of chaos and riots – and pay someone else to do it, all the while he would just disappear. It would be better to take the cash and escape with air still in his lungs.

He stared at the note – 'What the fuck are they going to call this one?' It seems all the 'Colors' had been used – they were having to recycle the shades but rebrand how they were deployed. For example, “Yellow” was the color of the moment for Hong Kong in 2014 – and now across France – the “Yellow” has been trotted out again. In Asia – it was the umbrella that was shod in the media / art smear – throughout Paris and spreading across Europe it is now a Yellow Safety Vest. Of course, America has been on its third pageant show of Pink Pussy Hats. The low information fodder sheeple will claim that they are all separate, individual, unique and grass-roots populist movements. Those with a more critical eye, will see that they are all the same meme – only different delivery / deployment idioms – but the funding and tactics were the same scripts. But the average idiot … is well, the average idiot. They never suspect, nor do they see the storm rising as the places are put into place for yet another game.

He responded back - Ну Давай – (Let's go, Let's get it over with already)

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Brian, Good to hear from you. Yeah, it's the same old shit over and over. Sheeple never learn. And so it goes.

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