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Life in a #COVID

Business Model Objectives:

To Provide Secure Digital Certificate for COVID Vaccinations & Treatment History

To Protect Mobile Access to Essential Medical Records across Borders

To Connect Patients / Doctors / Suppliers / Clinics Seamlessly - Across Languages

To Ensure Affordable Medical Services and Resources to Remote Regions 

To Create Digital Currency Options for Payment & Financial Stability

Life in a #COVID

Current Scope of Operations:

MedX currently provides solutions for emergent countries for patient services in remote regions and in market shortage realities.  We currently host digital records, connect patients to medical services for physicians, clinics & prescriptions in 21 nations across Africa, Asia and the Middle East. Our telehealth software allows for real time physician consultations and services via secure email channels.  We draw from expertise at a global level to provide rapid care for routine, chronic, emergent and pandemic services. We operate from 'smart phones' with any 3G connections.  Our services & software have provided critical solutions for individuals as well as corporate and national level health care systems.

The Current Reality:

Global Health / National Medical have shown to be less flexible when you need services during COVID from emergency or chronic care services. Conventional Policies have limited: where you could get services, what services are even available, or worse, even force you to wait list that can last for months. For large population, Global Health / National Medical Initiatives have shown to be inefficient, riddled with fraud and shackled with poor performance and generally not something you want to do, when given a choice – most would not call to government run care.

With the host of the above issues, many countries spend more time on chasing data and deciding which information to monitor rather in a hope to contain costs than actually spending resources on paths that actually limit their interference into the health care sector.  They are consumed with 'reporting' and 'compliance' rather than actual palliative / preventive measures to stop the spread of the virus. 

Perhaps the best indicators of this failure is Lock Down programs themselves. The initial expectations of implementing national closure programs was nearly immediately offset after just a few months of performance – To Slow the Spread.  Consequences have quickly outpaced the projected costs and estimates, strangling the economy & basic life elements.  It has shown only to cause mental health issues to grow exponentially over the months that now its Draconian measures have exceeded the damage from the virus. This is 'Global Health Care' in a microcosm – the notion that a fully Universal care across the entire world could reduce or control health costs, while providing actual local solutions, flies in the face of actual performance and reality.

Indeed, even National Top Down Federal Health systems have shown failure. Ten years ago PPACA (ObamaCare) was introduced for very good reasons and has yet solve its original triple aim of Access, Quality, Affordability. 

It’s important to recognize that the majority of healthcare is the direct relation to personal lifestyle and individual choices in the face of adverse health outcomes. There are many situations where #HCaaS makes sense, especially where group plans have proven not ideal for improved clinical solutions. #HCaaS is typically ideal in instances where personal responsibility outpace group think and herd mentality. It thrives best for independent individuals that can take care of their own health & wealth and do not want the interference of government, corporations or insurance intruding into their personal medical needs. To handle their own care, patients need to be able to understand that medical services are best thought of in the realm of other service providers; lawyers, plumbers, electricians or mechanics. Services are paid for at the time they are needed – and routine service are not submitted to the concern or authority of a 3rd party entity that will escalate prices and only add bureaucracy to the health process.


Health Care as a Service  (HCaaS) is leading the next wave of healthcare management with solutions that eliminate the multidimensional limitations of current coding / billing / fraud and accountability. As a result, it is now possible for nations to deliver and improve health outcomes while simultaneously reducing costs, delivering faster results and expanding the number of citizens who can benefit from improved health care solutions / processes. We are live and currently deployed in 21 nations across Africa, Asia and the Middle East. Our 3G solutions can help solve your contemporary health care outcomes for your specific needs. It is time to have that conversation. Let me show you how.