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Marxism 101

There's a lot of buzz about Marxism / Socialism / Universal Basic Income going around - and the vast majority of those supporting these ideologies have never actually read Karl - certainly never studied the history & direct implications of such philosophy.  

So - Sit down - Shut Up - School is in Session.   * Have a TidePod if it makes you feel better. 

Marxism 101

Karl Marx - was a German exile & outcast - a political dissident that was sent packing for his views on economics, class conflict and radical violent ideals.  The Bismark German Government was not a fan of his; rightly so.  His most famous concept was 

From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs

A Great Rally Cry for sheep for over a century.  Except - y'all should study language and history before you gather with your flashy placards and masked faces; because it has never been implemented that way - not once, not ever ~ nor can it be.  

Marx partnered with Hegel & Engles for publishing, mentoring and support for his agenda manifesto; Das Kapital / Communist Manifesto. Hegel has famously added the Dialectic to the Socialist Stew.  Marx believed in society evolution from exploitation of the masses to independence / ownership by the masses.  He proposed that society would move through the continuum of slavery / serfdom / imperialism / capitalism / socialism / communism.  Hegel provided the recipe for the transition between the steps.  In his dialectic - a 'progressive' element / faction / movement was injected into the status quo to show the mirror of faults of the current system.  Here it is critical that they did not necessarily provide a viable alternative solution - they just had to show the current system as broken, corrupt, regressive, stagnant, incompetent, disconnected.   *Hint - this is nearly every government ~ including the Socialists. So a loud crowd / mobilization could 'shock' the system to making movements from one stage to the next. 

The core of the problem starts with translation and spreads to implementation. Lenin never liked the slow 'evolution' model of progression to Communism. He instead believed that transitions could / should be best accomplished with violence / uprising / sabotage / terrorism. 

The Status Quo would be Attacked by Opposition forces to produce a new level set point .... that would become the new status quo - and would be used for a new incremental progressive opposition in the future.  It was postulated that you could not immediately go from Capitalism to Communism - that intermediary steps would be necessary to avoid a violent state response that ended the movement.  

Learn the fucking recipe - it is a very old stew

The Same Old Stench

Lenin used this basis for his peasant uprising in Czarist Russia *Hint - it didn't work out well for the Russian Peasant Population - indeed MILLIONS were executed, exiled, erased, disappeared, starved or labeled persona non grata under its implementation. 

Learn to promote the propaganda over reality - you can control mindless minions & masses. 

What Lenin did:   

From each according to ability, to all according to Need 

it is a subtle difference - and if you know Russian (which I do) you know that often, the little words of articles, possessive pronouns and prepositions get removed in translation.   But look carefully - and you will see the kernel of what would play out under the Communist / Socialist measures of Kollectivism.  The 'ability' is assessed by the Party - ie, everybody is assigned units of productivity to be completed.  Indeed - the Soviet Union worked on Central Economic Planning the required the accounting of current and projected labor / production of every element of the society - down to and including baby making.  So it is not your 'natural ability' - it is a top down production quota for menial compensation  (because cash / capital / credit were tools of the west - most payments would be in kind; access, privilege, perks, contracts, and vouchers. In the governments around the world, any program 'For All' only ever benefits the administrators of the bureaucracy and imposes firm reams of rules & regulation for any attempt for you to collect the 'benefits'.  Look no further than the Soviet experience of 'Housing for All' *Hint - it didn't work.

Next ... NEED.  You poor dumb sycophant - it is not your NEED - it is that of the STATE.  Here the Russian ; долг - tax / debt / required payments / 'need of the state'  -  yep, welcome to the show.

That is enough for now; for those of you that doubt Socialism fails - Witness Seattle CHAZ

Who am I ?   I have a Bachelors in Russian Studies / Soviet Economics from UofW 1990.

International Studies specializing in Russian language, history, culture and government of Russia and the Soviet Union.

A program minor in Economics

Course Highlights: Micro Economics, Macro Economics, Quantitative Logic, Marxist Economic Theory, Soviet Economic Planning, Economic Development Colloquium (Green Grocer), Post Soviet Russia Economic Development, Polish Fisheries Rehabilitation Seminar, Contemporary Russian Market Reform Transition.

I am a Cold War Veteran; a team leader of Red Cell / OpFor Operations / Counter Intelligence:  

Adept at investigations of all source fusion intelligence for creating National Estimate Reports for government, economic, military, society, history and predictive insights; specializing in the Soviet Union, Russia & the CIS nations.  Designed and developed penetration testing based on enemy doctrine & practices to infiltrate and breach targeted computers, facilities and personnel. Led a team of 'Red Cell' for Exercise Elements in the Pacific Theater. I am further trained in interrogation, counter intelligence and asymmetric warfare.

I speak Russian - and I have been living overseas - in the Central Asia - The Former Soviet Republics of Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan for four years.  

I meet people that LIVED through the Soviet Union years - every damn week.  

Reality doesn't match your cute Utopian Placards and Red Flag Mantras.

*PS - when the 'Rebellion' is over - the little marching minions will be forced to dig their own open pit graves.  Read HISTORY ~ It has ever been such.  Without exception. 

If you want to stop this - #ContractMe - I know how to stop Marxists & Socialists


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#1 yep, history is a bitch - probably why people ignore it

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