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Personal Responsibility; an exercise in Health

Look in the mirror; you are primarily and centrally responsible for your own health; and in the current era of drama and failure of the Federal / Global Governments in response to the COVID Pandemic - you must take control of your own health determination. 

Caring Directly for patients, without an intermediary or interfering step in clinical interactions, has not been the model of delivery for decades in America. By cutting out middle-men and bureaucracy, doctors and clinics could save millions in operating expenses and provide a care that is dedicated to the individual. By deploying 'Health Care as a Service' (HCaaS), medical visits can side step the landslide of laws, regulations and digital requirements to provide actual care. A number of countries have already taken advantage of HCaaS models. And really, they are not so disruptive and cutting edge as you might think; but rather a return to traditional care models that existed before the inundation of computers into medical care. Many American providers have long known that EHR notations & entries take away from face to face attention to patients. Moving forward, technology must not be centered at the grand level, but must start with the individual patient. The patient must own and control their own health care data; not the clinic, insurance companies, federal government and certainly never a global architecture.

Personal Responsibility; an exercise in Health

In the Commercial Business world – delivering directly to the customer has become common place. For example, Amazon & Alibaba have both replaced the traditional store fronts for many items, especially during the current 'pandemic' lock downs. Luxury & Niche Merchandise merchandise are not alone in moving to a direct to customer model; many restaurants have gone to home delivery or curb side pick up thus ending the traditional footprint of the food idiom in our daily lives. So how does this play out in the medical field. First – and primarily – you go to the doctor, you seek care, they render service, maybe prescribe a Rx, set a bone, take an Xray, collect samples – and you PAY the for the SERVICE at TIME of SERVICE. Just like every other service in our society. There is no need for coding, insurance paperwork, or upstream data reporting to a cloud or black box. Secondly – TeleHealth has become more of a common practice for clinical interactions. Video conferencing for services further cuts down the overhead costs of delivering care, but it also allows for care in more remote areas or to offset patient volume in clinic / hospital settings. Third – ask your grandparents – this is how medical care was delivered during their working lives.

HCaaS is an effective care management solution, that opts out of complex systems standing in the way of actual care. The common-sense information backed into these methods gives patients, doctors, and clinics a series of methods necessary to truly transform their care, health, and personal finances. Sky-rocketing medical bills are the number one cause of bankruptcy in America; and it has not improved since the launch of the PPACA aka ObamaCare. Indeed, it has been 10 years since its launch, and it has failed to meet its core original goals. The triple aim of lowered prices, improved access and improved quality have failed to appear.

So how is it done?

You pay for your routine services as you need them, when you need them out of your own pocket. The money that you save in premium and current traditional out of pocket expenses – is put back into the workers pocket.

For more severe medical issues – a Catastrophic / Emergency line of insurance would be advisable for the prudent, however it should not be government mandated.

What about cancer ! Or Diabetes ! Or Heart Disease ? These are indeed expensive care treatment paths – they are however where insurance could and should be in a line item coverage; a named illness rider. A smart choice for those that have a family history or current care plan of said maladies.

What about if you get hit by a bus !?!?!!? This Red Herring shows that those screaming about this outlier instance – do not understand how INSURANCE actually functions. If you look at your Declarations page of your Health Coverage – you will find that vehicle accidents are not directly covered. Especially in a Third Party Liability where the city bus accident will trigger a lawsuit against the city for damages. Your healthcare will not be covered by your policies – but instead by the liability / bodily injury policy of the city / county / company that owned the bus. To say it happens otherwise – shows your naivete about the insurance process & industry.

Also not typically covered by your healthcare insurance policies - Acts of Nature / God (earthquake, firestorm, hurricane, flood),  War, Terrorism, Self Inflicted wounds and of course add now Rioting. 

* We are not all in this together.  I am NOT your Brother's Keeper.   If you/they willfully & ignorantly rant & riot into these messes - I should not be held responsible in premium nor taxation for your damage, injury or  treatment.