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Red Pills For HealthCare

Welcome to a full scope regiment of RED PILLS that are Prescription for your Personal Health. 

Red Pills For HealthCare

RED PILL   You need to Declare your own Health Independence.

It's time to rebel against the fiscal slavery of ObamaCare; its failed promises and strangulating regulations. Step one is to stop trusting Government with your personal health.

RED PILL   The Little Idea that Thinks Big for Health Care. 

Ownership breeds responsibility, creates affordability & flexibility. 

Look in the mirror.  You are responsible for the vast majority of your own health.  You decide how much and what type of food you will eat, how much exercise you will do, as well as your drinking, smoking and drug consumption - these factors all directly impact your interactions and requirements against the Health Care system. 

Let's quit sugar coating and coddling bad behavior.  

Your health, for the vast majority of medical issues, is your responsibility; it is time to take ownership. 

RED PILL  What is Insurance and Why Does it cost so Bloody much ?

Your next year's insurance premium, once there is experience, performance and baseline data - will INCREASE; Guaranteed. It does not matter if you sell across state lines, create new association groups, rearrange service coverage rules 
Next Year's Premium will Increase - and so will every year after that; without fail. This is reality for any / all Group Plan. 

RED PILL  The Code IS the Problem.

The common mantra across nearly all commercial / service entities today is 

Artificial Intelligence (AI) will solve everything
Internet of Things (IoT) will deliver new seamless commerce
Block Chain will protect your identity and history 

Except - it all fails to mitigate inherent failures in the current system, by only providing a new set of clothing for the problem, without actually solving it. 
The problem is not with the code; the CODE is the PROBLEM.
RED PILL  Health Care Red Herrings
Price Transparency will Solve HealthCare:  Except it wont.
Big Data will Solve HealthCare: Except it wont.
Selling across State Lines will solve the problems in the Health Care: Except it wont. 
Health Savings Accounts will make Health Care policies more 'affordable': Except they wont
Association Plans will lower insurance premiums : Except they won't.
Price Transparency will solve Health Care: Except it won't. RED PILL
RED PILL  You Can't Handle the TRUTH.  Your 'Feelings' don't matter, don't change anything. 
We live in a world that has evil, and that evil can often appear under the guise of 'Love', 'Charity', 'Humanity' and of course 'Religion'.  That you are blind to the masquerade makes me a villain for pointing it out.  That you have been duped by the same ploys, games, memes and slathering sweet words for millennia ~ should upset you, however - you are more content to cry and report that I am a racist, sexist, misogynist, __________phobe or __________hater rather than examine your own set walls of faulty perception.
RED PILL  It is time to get off your Collective Ass & Kick the Fed out of Med
Current medical think and government planning — nearly every type of function model is now is trapped in models that are over 50 years old. These programs are hosted by a third-party insurance entities, health providers and then another layer of bureaucracy. Death by 1000 sheets of paper? Several feet of them in fact! The very PPACA Medical Reform that was to solve inefficiencies and lack of coverage has strangled the very function of current American Health Care. The Solution is not more Government - but Less / Even ZERO. 
RED PILL  End Conventional Wisdom, Build Better. 
Rather than the current centralized federal platforms of Medicare / Medicaid / Veterans Administration, we remove federal regulations on our private network market and let the patients / customers have control and power in the market. Instead of being forced to pay for what works best in New York but may not work for Kansas, and you should not be required to pay for features that you don’t want.
RED PILL Changing the Health Care narrative. 
It’s important to recognize that the majority of health care is the direct relation to personal lifestyle and individual choices in the face of adverse health outcomes. There are many situations where HealthCare as a Service  (#HCaaS) makes sense, especially where group plans have proven not ideal for improved clinical solutions.

BLACK PILL  Delivery Me from the Insanity of it All. 
The Right & The Left – most glaringly played out today in American Politics, is simply the most recent manifestation of the opposition / confrontation dichotomy that has been played out since history was invented / recorded. It has been run down through time in the US vs Them, He vs She, the Individual vs the Collective and the countless other iterations that are manufactured by those at the reigns of the game.

It was never about a virus.  Wake Up.  Learn the Recipe

Contract Me I solve problems. It's the End of the World. You are freaking out. We should chat.

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I know I have over 200 pushed shares of this myself - so again - #BIGTech is throttling the landing page. It is simply impossible with a controversial phrase like #RedPill it has only been seen 200 times. Simply mathematically impossible.

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#2 I am hearing a lot of that lately. Censoring is becoming a very interesting issue. And I thought book burning was a thing of the past.

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#1 @Greg Rolfe Thanks for reading - It is really a post farm for my health care articles. I lost two Twitter accounts for posting it.
Damn the Censorshit

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Hello Brian, this one was a bit more strange than usual. Have a great day!!