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Rodger Dodger Bobber

It is once again my favorite time of year. The first chilly mornings have appeared, the trees are starting to announce the coming of fall with their leafy fireworks of orange, red, yellow, Summer Love has proven yet again to be transient – dying – or fatal, and the new school year has started. But for me, this has always been the time of excitement for the new year of motorcycles – and in some years – cars too. September always marks the knell of the new year in the business, and it is time to let the new ponies out of the stable.

2017 – is a model year marked by a New Black and Bold New Graphics. Meaning – in a snarky and sarcastic jab – much of that was from last year – has returned; but with a new set of stickers and maybe a different color option. From the sport bike side of things – we are used to new technical and performance upgrades nearly yearly – sure, they get their new stickers too; but the body cladding and technology is more progressive annually in the import sport section than in Harley Davidson. Indeed, the H-D mothership – has a weighted concerted interest in keeping appearances and styling traditional – one that reiterates their brand, history, heritage and iconography.

Rodger Dodger Bobber

One of the 'new' models for this year – is the returning Softail Slim S dressed in a World War II motif in the Olive Gold Denim shade. Brandished with an 'Army' star from the days of the bike bombing around Europe in the second world war – it secures its origins to the first days of customizing bikes. Besides the all blacked out trim for the motor and accessory trim – the bike gets the larger 110 Screaming Eagle motor. At a price point of 18,899 – that motor is normally only found on the CVO line of bikes – that start at a significantly higher base price (and in my opinion are laden with entirely too much chrome) Congratulations to Harley Davidson for bringing back a true 'Bobber', with the power to back it up.

The original Bobbers were born out of the 'Hot-Rod' ideology that, if it doesn't make you go faster, make the bike lighter, make the engine perform hotter – it was left off. Most bikers returning from the war were looking for the thrill and escape of the road rather than being tied to a desk job, after riski