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The Edge of Society

Single Men make up the vast majority of Homeless Vets (96%). In nearly any city, you will see them, or maybe you ignore them. They are without a house, apartment, job, and often food. Their life belongings whittled down to a back pack or a shopping cart - and maybe a dog for companionship. The dog is prevalent a sight - because people will pay attention more to the well being and care of the canine, than they will of the Vet.

Who are these men? They are the ones that stood sentry on the walls, fought against totalitarian genocide, guarded against encroachment of Communism, responded to national disasters, drug smuggling, terrorism... and now the War Machine that used their skills and youth - has put them out to pasture. Society as a whole is uncomfortable with them. They have seen their team mates die, been at the forefront of what you watched on TV as 'news', they have lived a life far away from social media, they have stared at the eyes of death, and become comfortable with its' inevitable verdict.

We don't fit in your nice suburbia boxes. Our theater does not play the 'American Dream' reality show anymore. We see freedom and independence as our protection against a system that is hostile to apathetic. We have had our missions taken away when the military left us; our honor and pride never left. We are used to austere and rugged conditions - we prefer them to the soft wrapped duplicitous lies.

We would prefer to work than to sit on the street corner with cardboard signs; but few exits exist. Rarely does anyone take the chance on a drifter without a cell phone, stable address, transportation, or ATS compliant resume. We have been tasked with missions across the world, but at home - we can't even gain access to basic minimum jobs. Some of us have alcohol, drug, medication addictions - most of us are stone cold sober for decades. Some of us have PTSD and some of us have paid the price of combat with our limbs. Some of us have mental illness - others have been painted with that brush because it was convenient.  We volunteered to Protect and Defend America and the Constitution, traded our lives for the grand name of 'Freedom'. And we found the real value of that exchange, we live it daily.

I am a homeless veteran. When the financial crash took my job, house, motorcycles, car, stable home life; everything collapsed - my life was over. I worked any damn job I could until it all of my savings were gone, until there was nothing left to lose, nothing left to tie me to society. When the bankers and crony executives got their bail-outs; I lost the taste to live in a rigged game further. I purged everything that I had left, I sold any valuable personal possessions out to Craigslist. What I could not sell, I donated, What I could not donate – I burned. I moved overseas with a back pack, a duffle and a 10 year old laptop. *Yes – I am still flying Windows7.

I have no address, no phone, no stable employment - everyday is pure hustle and challenge. I put myself in the shadows of combat again - because it is where I am most comfortable, it is what I know, what I understand, what I am trained to do. I know how humanity murders one another, I can smell it coming from months away before it officially erupts. I spent last year in Ukraine helping refugees out of conflict regions, assisted in moving food and medical supplies into hot zones. I slept in barns, basements, burned relics of once fashionable hotels. I 'enjoyed' incoming artillery that according to the 'news', didn't exist. I taught English to kids escaping the war-front destruction. I learned that once again - governments consider people as disposable, expendable, miscreant pawns.

I am the homeless vet you never see, never hear about, never know; just another faceless cog against the machine that is the business of chaos, murder, genocide and greed. I will work for ammo, bacon, a place to sleep and a bit of change.  

If I can help with your current remote projects in content writing, healthcare insurance, military operations, government policy, logistics, security/protection or of course motorcycles - Please let me know:  PS  I am in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan - because there is yet another war brewing. 

beBee Resume

If you have the opportunity to interview and hire a vet - Thank you for your Support. 

If you are a Veteran and need help, there are resources available.

Veteran's Affairs Resources Page

Veteran's Crisis Line
Wounded Warrior

Employment Resources - a tip of the hat to our own Bee - Lucy Jensen

If you have problems with the VA for medical, disability or medication - let me know - I love to tackle those problems - no charge to Vets.  Drop me a note here - or send me a private email.  I am on your side - I have been through it.

Mamen 🐝 Delgado 15/5/2016 · #9

#7 I know that feeling @Brian McKenzie, and congrats for the way you choose. Whatever the mental label we stick on it, I'm sure it makes you feel absolutely alive and complete. Thanks to the actions of people like you, we can reconcile ourselves with the human race. ✨

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Brian McKenzie 15/5/2016 · #8

#4 @Julie Hickman Thanks for reading. I just an angry cog in the machine that hates the game. I have met many real heroes and lost many good brothers - their sacrifice is what helps me endure.

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Brian McKenzie 15/5/2016 · #7

#3 @Mamen Delgado Thanks for reading. At many points in my life I could have chosen 'easy' - but my character has always made me nearly blind to those intersections. As they say - 'We all create our own hell'

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Brian McKenzie 15/5/2016 · #6

#2 @Qamar Ali Khan Thanks for reading sharing. When I was in the States - I did a lot of work with Vets from WWII, Korea and Vietnam - it seems each generation easily forgets the soldiers it sends to go fight; no matter the location or enemy.

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Brian McKenzie 15/5/2016 · #5

#1 @Dean Owen Thanks for reading - most of us don't want charity - we want something to do - something to fight for again; and if it weren't for the damned bills - I know many of us would do it for free; because the good fight is never about getting paid - it is about stopping evil.

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Mamen 🐝 Delgado 14/5/2016 · #3

So hard...

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Qamar Ali Khan 14/5/2016 · #2

@Brian McKenzie! This is so horrible. This is unbelievable. It touched and crushed my heart. Why is so? Vets must be the heroes. At our side, retired military people have been given special care and respect. Their institutes compensate them to live an after-retirement honorable life. It's shocking to know what's going on there. Brian! I'm with you! What can I do? If I can, I will, and this is for sure!

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Dean Owen 14/5/2016 · #1

A really powerful message and beautifully written. Well worth a few minutes of anyone's time...

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