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The Guilty Penny Syndrome


  • Having incurred guilty: criminal, morally, delinquent; wicked; chargeable with or responsible for something censurable; justly exposed to penalty; - used with of, and usually followed by the crime, sometimes the punishment; as, guilty of murder.

  • Legal: The state or condition of a person who has committed a crime, misdemeanor or offense, implies a malicious intent, and must be applied to something universally allowed to be a crime

Pen`ny: a fractional monetary unit of the United States; equal to one hundredth of a dollar. Also referred to as a cent. Requiring two of them to share your opinion ;)

The Guilty Penny Syndrome

The Guilty Penny Syndrome – the idea and ideals that you are stamped and minted from The Created Authority and that you have a worth, value, exchange potential; however it is of nearly insignificant levels, not sought for wealth nor merit.  But you feel you should still matter - thus the Guilt. In real monetary scenarios – the penny is a cast off or rounding error, the purchasing power of the single cent has long gone extinct. In a psychological sense – and as I am 'coining' the term; this is my definition: you believe you make a difference – surely you were put into circulation to make change, a difference, aid transactions, move commerce, build business, create value – but you are singularly worthless. Unless you have metric TONS of other pennies with you.... rendering your individual contribution again useless. The monetary Penny garners no currency – indeed Canada has already quit minting and issuing it; and the United States is considering the same move.

Today's pop culture and internet meme world will try and convince you that you are unique, special, vital, and important – but the precedence performance shows otherwise. You are at best a cog in the wheel of a machine that doesn't care, at worst you are a cast off gear in a parts bin that has past its time of production and only kept in-case a legacy behemoth fails; an ever diminishing and fading prospect.

The debate of keeping the penny as money is currently ongoing in the financial sector; as seen in the Wall Street Journal.

“A substantial amount of change is lost, discarded or destroyed, contributing to the demand for new coins, and pennies get the most dismissive treatment. Since 2000, 21% of pennies have gone missing, nearly twice the prop