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The Recipe for Revolution

I originally wrote this two years ago for Linked In - and at the very bottom of the article, you will see that I said that it was coming to 'Merica.  That has now manifested in BLM and their push for violence / justice.  It is the same meme and media prattle that was the 'Maidan' in Ukraine ~ but the talking heads denied it then, and you won't believe it now....but do enjoy the warm slice of

 'I told you so'. 


The Recipe for Revolution

The Short version for the Cheap Seats: 

1) Start a herd crowd based movement with a catchy meme or #

Ideals and chants of “Democracy”, “Freedom”, “Independence”, “Equality”, “Hope”, “Change”

or Fill in your Favorite and 'timely' Hashtag #United4_______ #IStandwith_______ #Pray4_________ #JeSuis__________