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The Recipe for Revolution - Here we go again.

I originally wrote this four years ago for Linked In - and at the very bottom of the article, you will see that I said that it was coming to 'Merica.  That has now manifested in Antifa & BLM and their push for violence / justice.  It is the same meme and media prattle that was the 'Maidan' in Ukraine ~ but the talking heads denied it then, and you won't believe it now....but do enjoy the warm slice of

 'I told you so'. With a thick sauce of #MeToo

You really don't believe that is a spontaneous grass roots event ? ~ Do you? ~ Never mind - of course you do.


The Recipe for Revolution - Here we go again.

The Short version for the Cheap Seats: 

1) Start a herd crowd based movement with a catchy meme or #

Ideals and chants of "Racism", "Anti-hate", “Democracy”, “Freedom”, “Independence”, “Equality”, “Hope”, “Change”

or Fill in your Favorite and 'timely' Hashtag #United4_______ #IStandwith_______ #Pray4_________ #JeSuis__________

#MeToo #FreeIran #IranProtests (yep ~ Happy New Year - Same old Game) 

2) Initiate, endorse, create & broadcast of dissent propaganda against government: Stir in the #Sexist #Misogynist #Xenophobic #Islamaphobic #Racist #Hitler-esque idioms and of course call for the illegitimacy of the current government with righteous indignation while reveling in nearly everything you ignored about with the last Left Progressive Leaning Corrupt Government.  Make sure that everyone lines up in the appropriate Victim / Villain camps - No Exceptions. If they fail to do so - smear in liberal doses of shaming and virtue signaling ranting.

3) Bring in the 'Revolutionary Fist' and Glib Art Work for the herded masses

Yep ~ This shit too. 

Watch carefully, you will see they are recycling video feeds from the staged 2009 'Regime Change' Coup that failed. 

4) Ensure Third Party financing through NGO / Corporate / Celebrity Donor Paths .... wait for it - it looms.

Soros Drops 1 Billion Dollars into Campaign

The Old Unit Theme Song - Y'all fall for it every single fucking time. 

5) Import instigators to incite crowd

Bus in the Rioters

6) Martyr a Victim or two with paid snipers, thugs or henchmen - Hell, kill 100 of them and label them the "Holy Hundred". Shit use a car, van, semi-tractor trailer or airplane for it. 

Nevermind History - just go back to bars, your temples, your massage parlors 

7) Riot of crowd:

8) Ladle in More Propaganda: Ratchet up the Rhetoric

If you sing the tune loud enough and enough times, people will believe it is TRUE. 

10) Get yourself a snappy theme song:

It is the same shit nearly 30 years later

11) Continue Around the Clock coverage to initiate international cooperation / support : 

Wag that Dog – Make the Lies go 'Viral', and you 'Win'. 

12) Trot out a beseeching cry by a girl in a public town square. Just make her cry enough ~ As seen here:

And Here:

And Here:

And Here:

And Here:

and yes -  recently enough, here:

Waiting for them to assign a fembot archetype to the #IranProtests ..... I will upload once they crown the new 'victim'. 

13) Resupply Operations with branded iconography of freedom/democracy/justice/fairness/equality. Get the ‘International’ community to bang that drum for you. The UN, the NATO, the WTO, the EU, the League of Nations, the 5 Arab States, the Human Rights Commission etc.

Sleep - believe it is all new, fresh, original, grass-roots, organic ....just believe it enough & it will all be true.  8?/

14) Instigate Domestic Rebellion:

Support Rebellion: Bring in the money, the guns, the ‘advisers’, the ‘humanitarian aide’, and of course the heavy armament – all guided by the overseeing eye of western intelligence agencies, and well funded by this well monied miserable miscreant f*ck

Establish Stability Funds and Operations.......Roll in the IMF ! For America - this will mean the death of the US Dollar. 

Wait and See, Watch and Learn (and getting it in early: F*ck, I F*cking told you so)

Install friendly puppet regime: Have a ‘vote’ if it makes you feel better.  Make sure our candidate gets the seat - otherwise, let loose the hounds of discrimination, sexism, racism and of course patriarchy.

PS – if your new puppet doesn’t perform the way you want him to; kill him, bring back someone from ‘exile’ that fled, or someone that was imprisoned and voila REPEAT.  Build another 'Empire'

Sound Familiar ?

It should - it is Operation Mongoose from 1963 codified and delivered by the CIA for the overthrow of Cuba. 

But look closely – and you will see it in:

World War I, The Red Oktober Communist Revolution, The Prohibition, World War II, the ‘Banana’ Republics of the 50’s, Vietnam, Portugal 1974, Philippines 1986, Czechoslovakia 1989, Yugoslavia 2000, Georgia 2003, Ukraine 2004, Iraq 2005, Kyrgyzstan 2005, Lebanon 2005, Kuwait 2005, Belarus 2006, Myanmar 2007, Moldova 2009, Iran 2009, Tunisia 2010, Egypt 2011, China 2011, Ukraine 2013, Brazil 2013, Hong Kong 2014, ISIS/ISIL 2014, and currently across America. 

So the next time somebody trots out snazzy placards, rally flags, masked agitators and herds of mindless sheep – look who is funding the message; because it is getting entirely old and pedantically predictable. 

Not only will you Get Fooled Again, but you will believe that you are unique, special & avant garde every time you do so.

Signed: Been There, Done That - Got the T-Shirt

Y'all are so easily fooled and distracted - you would think that you would recognize the same smell of the same old shit, despite the rainbow wrapper and glittery effects.  /smh

Brian McKenzie 29/1/2017 · #4

La de da de deee - and the beat goes on. Next steps, Martial Law on US soil. Wait and See, Watch and Learn. Warned ya, I did.

Brian McKenzie 17/11/2016 · #3

For those of you watching IMF - the dollar is done. They just announced the Chinese RMB as a in the 'basket of convertibles' for world currencies, have decertified India's currency, shut down the US FED Reserve for almost a week YET and nearly all international pay transfer APP ( Especially Pay Pal ) have gone wonky with crap performance and new hoops about transferring money around. FIFTYS - F*ck, I F*cking Told You So.

Brian McKenzie 9/10/2016 · #2

#1 @Nick Mlatchkov MSM is in the pocket of the zealots and meglamaniacs that are funding / creating / supplying / driving / protecting / promoting the game. Their mantra will be that it is a "Peaceful" Protest and that it is 'Organic" or "Grass Roots" .... neither could be further from the truth

Nick Mlatchkov 9/10/2016 · #1

Fri, Oct 7, was the day when US media died! NYT led the pack with refined lies on every line!

+1 +1