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We'll Leave the Light On for Ya

We'll Leave the Light On for Ya

If there’s a disconnect between the rest of your life, which is pretty freakin’ awesome, and your love life...maybe it is time to realize and admit that Love is a Lie. Nothing more than a Madison Avenue con game to get you on the treadmill to be husband, father and inevitably divorced. If you are a man that doesn’t understand that a woman will leave you no matter your role in life as a CEO, entrepreneur, executive, doctor, lawyer, whatever…then you are simply not paying attention.

*Not Safe For Work*  Delicate Sensibilities Offended: Early, Often & Without Remorse 

Then MGTOW has something for you that could change everything! Welcome to Men Going Their Own Way

You might have been laying in bed often thinking, God – when is she ever going to shut up and let me go to sleep? Or maybe you are tired of the incessant text bombs she drops....or finally fed up with the passive aggressive 'guess what is on her mind at this moment' game.

Then say it with me now ~ Freedom.

It could be significantly better, it could be Saturday night and it’s great that you're home alone, or chilling with the guys, or wrenching on your motorcycle or playing the latest vid game. Your life finally doesn’t suck. Actually it’s kinda great. Other than that whole thing about being lied to about what love is, or having a woman in your life like an anchor when you are trying to go full sail.

Men were meant to be single. You should never Settle, and certainly never 'Down'.

It's great to be single. Listen brother, I have been through the ringer of a Long Term Relationshit (I was never dumb enough to marry) and I am here to say, ain't none of it worth. I know you’ve probably read the books, taken a course and got the T shirt on the whole… I’m the common denominator in all my relationships, thing. Maybe if I were more Alpha – maybe next time I should be more 'sensitive' – Bullshit. All of it – Bullshit.

It ain't your job to make her happy, and really – it never should have been sold to you that it was in the first place. She ain't a Princess, and it ain't your job to White Knight Rescue her – ever.   It is Not Your Job to Make Her Happy.

You need to get over it. Hollywood LIED. The American Dream was nothing more than Propaganda to get you on the treadmill, chasing the lies and life that you thought you were meant to have – all the while ignoring what you really wanted for yourself, all because you were told to 'Man Up' or 'Be Responsible' ~ yadda, yadda, fucking yadda.

It is time to do different, to march to the beat of your own drum, to find the marrow of life and to suck it out heartily – and claim that you are not a man of quiet desperation, but that you are committed to go in the direction of your dreams, for yourself, for your own purpose. It is time to cast off the shackles of traditional society – to walk away from it all, to let it all burn and smolder in your mirror as you accelerate over the horizon. It is time for you to live for you.

It is time that you claim your VIP lifestyle, that you give up the notion of a minivan and lean towards valet parking your elite exotic ride, time to move from working too many hours without any recognition or consideration just to pay off her never ending credit card debts – it is time to enjoy comfort, upgrade your life, and opt out of society.  Let it all just burn.  

                                      Welcome to MGTOW - the light we leave on - will be the city burning in ruins. 

        ok, ok, ok - maybe you are still simpering in your belief that YOUR unicorn is out there - that NAWALT is real.  

You are forever going to worry about money only because you wanna make sure that the money you have enough to get her attention, to keep her at your side – but not too much that she divorces your dumb ass in 72 days or less. You are going to be walking the line between the hopscotch minefield of being with her ever moment to make sure she never cheats on your in grand monkey branching fashion – to plugging into your VR game just to give your ears a brief respite from the drama she brings, creates, or gossips about. You are going to be the one always on guard, or if you are playing the PUA game – always on the prowl. You have put a girl at the center of your life – and whether you are chasing her, or trying to keep her – you are not living your own life.

You've no doubt read of famous celebrity men that have been through the divorce ringer. Think about it. If men of fame, notoriety, grand wealth and immense popularity cannot keep a marriage alive – what chance do you believe you have? Seriously. There is no miracle guarantee that you will not face divorce, other than to never marry in the first place. Everything else is a crap shoot.

Here's the thing – it is time to admit that the game is rigged. Time to realize that the only one that will look out for your best interests – is YOU. Marriage and kids, are fully avoidable. There are many men that have never wed, never bred ~ I am one of them. I full well know the dangers and risks of 'wedded bliss' and I have no intention of standing in front of that execution squad. There is nothing that will ruin your life faster than divorce, nothing that will make your life more miserable than a home that you hate because of the fem-widget you installed in the house. It is time to take preemptive action. Ask your friends – you know, the ones that already are divorced, those going through divorce or those that wish they were without the Ball and Chain, what they honestly think of marriage. It is time to avoid the wedding, shun the marriage and shrug society.

A primer to why and how Men are Leaving Society.  Where did the Good Men Go? If they are smart - Far Away. 

Why Men Are Leaving - MGTOW

Brian McKenzie 25/3/2017 · #7

Marriage, kids and long-term relationshits are wholly avoidable - now where are the keys to that Pinto?
You should take a long hard look at the waves of men leaving not just marriage but the entire charade of dating. The only thing more glaring in trends than men leaving matrimony is the creeping upticking number of women marrying themselves.....because nobody else will. PS - don't forget to check out the growing number of men leaving the country altogether #HappierAbroad

Nicole Chardenet 25/3/2017 · #6

#5 Denial. It really is just a river in Egypt when you run from your own subconscious like a frightened child. BTW you were partially the inspiration (not the only one, there were several) for my post a few weeks ago...but the line ending in kittens? Sweetheart, that one was for *you*!

Brian McKenzie 21/3/2017 · #5

women - always tell you what you think by what you don't say 8?/ Next you will lecture me on 'Tone' and 'Emotional Intelligence' FTS
It is exactly that which I will never invite in my vicinity
There is no reading between the lines - I am pretty damn blunt and direct. If you are seeing things that aren't in print - you should consult a clinician for medication of your psychosis.
ps - again - this is a revenue stream item - Kontent is King.
I support Trump
Of Course - it is a choice - I chose not to have women in my life - ten years running - looking to add another decade.
MGTOW - not only do we no longer give a fuck - we are training the generations behinds us; early & often.
And finally - Love is transactional, temporary, disposable and conditional - a 50% divorce rate (70%+ filed by women) that marriage thing is slightly less popular than a 1978 Pinto ~ and honestly, I would rather have the Pinto.

Nicole Chardenet 21/3/2017 · #4

#2 Brian, you scream for love louder than anyone else I can think of. It's right there, between the lines. Your obsession with women, romance, marriage, and all the love you clearly feel is denied to you comes out as a primal scream with every post you write on the subject. If you seriously didn't care about finding love you wouldn't write so many obsessive posts telling everyone how stupid they are to seek it. You can't have it; and your dog-in-the-manger message is that no one else should have it either. You're not fooling anyone; the comments I see on your other posts show that *everyone* knows you are screaming and dying for love. Not I customarily write off men like you as losers who can't get laid, but not you, Brian. Your problem is you can't find love, and the problem lies entirely within you.

It doesn't have to be this way. You're a miserable, angry, negative man and don't even waste your finger time telling me how you're "happy" you are with your life. You are not; you spew and dump on others the way Donald Trump does, which leads me to wonder how someone who can be as rich, accomplished (in some ways), powerful, and with a beautiful wife and pretty good kids as he can be such a miserable, unhappy human being. And the answer is he is as driven to spew his misery on everyone else as you are. He won't fix his emotional problems as you won't. Just remember,'s a CHOICE. You have made a CHOICE to be this miserable, and the only sucker you can likely persuade that you're happy with your life is....YOU.

+1 +1
Brian McKenzie 21/3/2017 · #3

#1 Nope - I just read it again - nowhere in there do I scream or beg for love. not once. Seek a literary coach to help you with basic reading comprehension.

Brian McKenzie 21/3/2017 · #2

When chumming the water - it is best to use appropriate bait. I support and sell to a market that likes my riff & rhyme to the lies. My writing is my therapy and the group I send them too are quite positive response to it.
PS - Love is shit - I don't seek it, I openly avoid it, and will jettison as soon as it threatens to appear. 10 years on - never a shadow of it landing in my life - and no intentions of inviting it either.

Nicole Chardenet 21/3/2017 · #1

Oh, I knew we were about due for another one of your desperate pleas...."SOMEBODY LOVE ME! PLEASE! SOMEBODY LOVE ME!"

Deny it all you want, Brian, but you're lying only to yourself. I have never seen such desperate cries in the wilderness for someone to love them. Seek therapy.

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