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Why Men are Leaving. What is #MGTOW....

A brief history on why men are leaving:  Relationships, Marriage, Workforce, Society, America

MGTOW is a growing subculture movement of men that have had enough - it stands for Men Going Their Own Way. We have had enough of the propaganda, stereotypes and 'social justice' that contemporary Western culture, particularly American, wish to impose and paint upon men.  The days of the White Knight rescuing yon fair Maiden are done. 

Why Men are Leaving. What is #MGTOW....

There is no point in playing a rigged game - especially at nearly every move, you are villainized for merely sitting at the table.  When the rules are stacked against you, you can put on the chains of servitude and be a docile slave widget to the game, or you can walk away from the table all together. 

Why MGTOW?  -  50% of Marriages End in Divorce - The other 50% you have to die to get out of that marriage.

Of those marriages that end, 75-80% of divorces are filed by women; and largely the reason out the door is 'boredom', 'lack of satisfaction' or of course a good dose of infidelity in a search for bigger, better, badder, richer etc.

The 'American Dream' you are told is to go to School, Get a Good Job, Get Married, Have Kids, Own a house and live a better status of life than what your parents had.  Gen-x has long learned that this is a crock of shit; pure slathered and ladled propaganda.  We were told, and it has been shown again and again, that a long term career is no longer possible. The days of 20 years and a retirement are done.  Your degree is nearly worthless upon receipt and will garner fractions of a 6 seconds of attention span in a recruitment cycle that is at best described as 'employment lottery' and entered by Resume Rodeo.  After the crash of 2007-9, the idea of home ownership has fallen away from the majority of working class men and Millennials, indeed ~ home ownership is lower now, than it ever has been.   So kill the motivation of school, work, housing, marriage, and kids  - so what is the point of society?  Many are finding there isn't one.  Welcome to the Red Pill.

The American Dream is Dead.  Look around - everything that you have been told - has been a lie. EVEN if you could live a 'happy' life in suburbia with a job, wife, family - you are trapped into that Traditionalist Prison; a life in servitude to work and serve a series of Masters that are ever and increasingly dissatisfied with everything you do and even your mere being. 

Your work, your life, your dream - means exactly SHIT.  Boys and Men are told their mere existence is threatening, vile and vulgar.  Your very breathing is a threat - yes #AllMen.  You are painted to be Stupid from an early age

And of course - merely having male genitalia is the basis of guilt, it is clearly a short time until you rape some one. 

And let todays' man never forget how #KillAllMen was born and trending: Twitter, Tumbler, YouTube - just fucking love it. But despite all that, we are told we need to man up and get married - be the 'Hero'.   Bullshit.  F*ck that Shit. 

So where have all the 'Good Men Gone' ? - if they are smart - way the fuck away from women, society and government. 

Marriage has become a delicious dish of dysfunction with an All - You - Can -Eat Buffet of lies, slavery and hypocrisy:

It simply no longer 'works'. The ROE vs ROI is toxic - it simply is not worth the effort & consequence, at nearly any level.

MGTOW is a growing movement, we are leaving - we are taking our money, our skills, our talent, and our genes with us. 

Fuck Society - let it burn - let it crash - let it collapse.  Many men are opting out and Going Galt - Some of us are pouring gas on the smoldering embers to create a grand fire and flames.  It is not enough to wait for the dystopia and anarchy - some of us are actively stoking the flames - for nothing more than to see it burn, to watch the chaos. 

Remember - money is just paper, it has no value beyond what people trade of their lives to get it. There is no virtue to be found there; let it burn. 

Men are on Strike, We are leaving Marriage, Opting out of Traditional Work, and Many of us are the growing number of ExPats out of the paint by numbers lies that have been served and force fed down our collective throats.  It's a Bad Deal.

My Personal Journey:  I found what is called 'MGTOW' now early.  At the age of 5 - 1974. 

I declared that when I grew up I wanted to be a Spatula.... I had spoonered the word 'Bachelor' - I knew from nearly the beginning that I would not marry, and to hell if I were having kids. 

I never knew my dad - but dear old mom was sure to tell me daily and often that I was a mistake and that dad was worthless piece of shit.  <Joyous>  and the current man that she married was an abusive heavy handed thug.  My beatings were often, and many in the extended family have said that my older brother is autistic from the beatings he used to receive.  (a brother from yet a different father) I don't know that beatings could cause autism, but it certainly is not beneficial to a stable and healthy childhood.  I knew that I never wanted to get married, I never wanted to have kids - shit, I hated and loathed being a kid - I know I would never bring one onto the planet - where ever they were now is way better than the shit show that is life.  At Five - I was wise beyond my years - maybe because I didn't have any of the lies ladled into my life - I knew first hand, Life is a Miscreant Mistake.  The pet crab in the aquarium had a better life. 

Then the end was cemented.  In 1978, my mother had decided to leave her abusive husband, and decided to shop for a replacement in prisons for all the damn places.  She was addicted to the Bad Boy image and was looking just for the next new flavor of abuse.  Jerry, the husband, found out - and murdered her for it.  Stabbed her with a fishing knife a dozen times, finishing it off with a deep slit across the throat.  I was 9, I got to see the entire event. The last words from my mother were screaming my name - I tried to stop him, but as a kid - what chance did I have against a knife brandishing Combat Marine.  NONE. 

Because of his family's money and power in the city - he was off from charges lightly and back to work after a 'bail hearing'.  Justice is a cheap whore that is ready to be bought, and eager for the fucking from any that have the cash.

Add in being blamed for the death by my extended family, because I was the one that told Jerry that my mother had planned for a divorce - and voila - a deep settled and well established hate, anger, and revulsion for anything family. 

I attempted suicide countless times as a teen.  I ran away from 'home' at 15, I joined the military at 16, and saw my first 'war' before the age of 18.  I would be mobilized and sent to the front lines of 'Nation Building', 'Color Revolutions' and 'Democracy Operations' nine times in my life.   I learned that my only value was to a 3 cent bullet, 6 seconds of fire fight and paper work to deny that it ever happened.   So I am not a big fan of the Yankee Doodle Patriotism that is slathered across the media in the names of 'Merica.  

Here is the happy cat meme version of it - if it makes you feel better. When the Dragons are All Gone

There is more - but why bother?  It is not a gripping tale, and it is already past the six seconds.  

Men Going Their Own Way Suggested Reading List.

Walden:  Henry David Thoreau

Fahrenheit 451:  Ray Bradbury

Lord of the Flies:  William Golding

1984:  George Orwell

Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep:  Philip Dick   (aka Blade Runner) 

The Allegory of the Cave:  Plato

The Brief and Frightening Reign of Phil:  George Saunders

Atlas Shrugged:  Ayn Rand

Oblomov's Dream:  Ivan Goncharov

Don Quixote:  Miguel de Cervantes

The Stranger:  Albert Camus

The Master and Margarita:  Mikhail Bulgakov

Invitation to a Beheading:  Vladimir Nabokov

The Grapes of Wrath: John Steinbeck

The Catcher in the Rye:  J.D. Salinger

Animal Farm:  George Orwell

What is to be Done:  V.I. Lenin

Communist Manifesto:  Karl Marx

Mein Kampf:  Adolf Hitler

The Rum Diary:  Hunter S. Thompson

First Love:  Ivan Turgenev

Diary of a Madman: Anthology :  Nikolai Gogol 

Lady with the Pet Dog:  Anton Chekhov 

The Kreutzer Sonata:  Leo Tolstoy 

Confessions of an Economic Hit Man:  John Perkins

A Tale of Two Cities:  Charles Dickens

My Side of the Mountain:  Jean Craighead George

Phantom Toll Booth:  Norton Juster

A Clockwork Orange:   Anthony Burgess

The Turner Diaries:  "Andrew Macdonald" / William Pierce

The Glass Menagerie:  Tennessee Williams

The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy:  Douglas Adams

Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance:   Robert Pirsig

On The Road:  Jack Kerouac

The Road Not Taken:  Robert Frost

Through the Looking Glass:  Lewis Carroll

Call of the Wild:  Jack London

Into the Wild:  Jon Krakauer 

Dead Souls:  Nikolai Gogol

The Diary of a Superfluous Man"  Ivan Turgenev

The Poetry and Biography of Osip Mandelstam

Notes from the Underground:  Fyodor Dostoyevsky

Twilight of the Idols:  Friedrich Nietzsche

MGTOW: We are done. We are training the generation behind us.

Tip of the hat to Bob Seger - always on my play list. 

Brian McKenzie 1/10/2016 · #16

The embassy bomb attack 3 weeks ago was two blocks from my haunt - I missed the explosion by minutes and less than a few thousand meters - I am all done with compassion for the machine.

+1 +1
Irene Hackett 1/10/2016 · #15

Brian, your solution will not stop the madness; it will add to it. Could it be that you are participating in another type of marriage and breeding? With eyes open we see that everything in the universe contains its opposite. Take the risk one more time, to look into that which is the opposite of violence. You thanked me for reading your account. I thank you for considering my response. In the end, there are no words- only intention. Peace Brian.

+3 +3
Peter van Doorn 1/10/2016 · #13

#11 Love has nothing to do with our virtual society. @Brian McKenzie. I still urge you to reconsider.

Love is beautiful. Society is crap.

Fight for or against. I know were I will be.

+1 +1
Brian McKenzie 1/10/2016 · #12

#7 @Irene Hackett It would not be a great novel, I don't see a Hollywood happy ending to it. Thanks for reading. My solution is to not feed the machine (never marry, never breed) and to hit, kick, impale IT at every instance I can. I am not their asset, resource nor fodder. I will not go quietly.

Brian McKenzie 1/10/2016 · #11

#4 @Peter van Doorn For me, there is no valid fight in the name of Love. It has proven to be transactional, temporary, fickle and conditional. Just another Lie to lull and dull the senses, like Democracy, Freedom, Equality, Liberty, Unity, and Humanity. All great banners for mobilizing minion masses for a # war. I no longer believe in the branding and herding.

Irene Hackett 1/10/2016 · #9

Thank you @Peter van Doorn for your expression of passion. I sometimes wonder, could it be when we try to understand life that we reduce something that is vast & infinite - to the flat, rational & finite?

Peter van Doorn 1/10/2016 · #8

#7 Yes @Irene Hackett. Freedom for all, being the ultimate revenge. I am starting to believe in that.

Seven billion sheep and how many wolves?

Love the miracle of life. Grant each other that miracle.

To the wolves: "You want to die rich and powerful?"
To the sheep: "You want to die living the dream of the wolves?"

I value my life more than that.

It is time I promote life, even on this social media. Why not?

What is wrong about expressing love for life? My life and your life?

Is it that life is all about freedom? You can chose not to be a sheep or a wolf?

Be different?

+1 +1
Irene Hackett 1/10/2016 · #7

What you have shared is raw reality and it is challenging to process. For most, the events you experienced are something in a dark novel; or a distant headline and yet for you, it is truth. As a child, to witness the cold blooded murder of your Mother along with the verbal violence from those closest to you, who can fault you for the rage? Pain & suffering is a very real part of the human condition. Who knows why? But I stand with @Peter van Doorn. I ask you to consider choosing a different revenge - one that does not make you one with those who kill and destroy.

+1 +1