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Are Pit Bulls a Public Health Threat?

Are Pit Bulls a Public Health Threat?

Most people who have opinions about pit bulls have strong opinions one way or the other. There is no middle ground here - you either think they are bloodthirsty monsters unfit to live in society or you think they are good dogs that sometimes have very bad owners. But when you take a loot at the statistics, pit bulls just aren’t a public health threat at all.

There are 90 million dogs in the United States alone, and an estimated 18 million of them are in the pit bull family. If they were all bloodthirsty monsters, don’t you think we would be hearing about attacks every single day? One part of the problem with the anti pit bull sentiment is that not even the experts can correctly identify them most of the time without a DNA test. In one study nearly 6000 dog experts were asked to identify the dominant breed of 20 shelter dogs with an average of 27% accuracy.

Lack of ability to correctly identify breeds visually is one of several reasons that organizations like the American Bar Association and the Humane Society are against breed specific legislation that seeks to ban or limit certain breeds in certain geographic areas. Another major concern is placing the blame on the dog rather than on the owner, where it belongs.

Pit bulls aren’t a public health threat unless they are abused by the humans who are supposed to care for them. Properly cared for dogs are the best dogs. Learn more from this infographic!