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Famous Frames in Film

Famous Frames in Film

In Hollywood oftentimes, a movie can set a fashion trend that endures for generations. One of the biggest fashion trends driven by movies is glasses frames, whether they are regular glasses for seeing or sunglasses. And sometimes movies put entire glasses companies on the map.

When Audrey Hepburn played Holly Golightly in the 1961 film adaptation of Breakfast at Tiffany’s, she could not have known that her iconic style would outlive her. The Oliver Goldsmith Manhattan frames are still made today and sold for the people who want to own a piece of Hollywood style history.

Sometimes glasses are made specifically for a movie and end up being successful with consumers. The Matrix Eyewear Morpheus sunglasses are one such pair. Worn by Laurence Fishburne in The Matrix movies, these sleek shades lack earpieces - a definite standout in a crowd.

Perhaps the best known Hollywood frames brand is Ray-Bans. Ray-Ban aviators were developed by Bausch and Lomb in 1936 specifically for pilots in the Army Air Corps. General Douglas MacArthur popularized them among military folks during WWII, but sales didn’t take off until Tom Cruise wore them in Top Gun in 1986. Now aviators are everywhere - men and women both wear them and they are wildly popular thanks to Hollywood’s genius marketing machine. Clubmasters and Wayfarers are also Ray-Bans that were popularized in film by roles like Denzel Washington’s Malcolm X and Tom Cruise’s Joel Goodson in Risky Business.

Learn more about some of the most iconic frames in Hollywood movies from this infographic!

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