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How Silicon Valley Fell In Love With The Online Mattress

Why is Silicon Valley trying to disrupt the mattress industry? It goes without saying that if something is still being done the same way it was 20, 30, or even 40 years ago it’s probably not that efficient. Yes, even selling mattresses. Have you ever been into a mattress store? Many of them are commission based, so the folks inside probably don’t always have your best interests at heart. Then there are the markups - can you even imagine how much overhead it takes to keep a dedicated mattress store running?

So it makes sense that Silicon Valley is going after the mattress industry. Now you can get reasonably priced mattresses shipped right to your home with a few clicks. Many come with free in home trials and you can send them back if you aren’t satisfied. Some even come with things like free sheets. There are a lot of reasons to take a look at the world of online mattresses the next time you need to replace yours.

But selling mattresses online isn’t the only thing that Silicon Valley is doing to disrupt the mattress industry. Did you know that you can get an Internet connected mattress that tracks your sleep? You may not think you need something like that, but what if you are having problems sleeping and you can identify what is causing them and start getting better sleep because of it? This technology has the potential to change lives.

Learn more about the online mattress industry from this infographic!

How Silicon Valley Fell In Love With The Online Mattress