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How to Prevent Yourself From Getting a Stroke

Would you know what to do if you were having a stroke? Let’s start with the symptoms: FAST. F is for Face - does one side of their face droop? A is for Arms - if they hold up both arms can they do so evenly? S is for Speech - ask them to repeat a sentence and listen for strange sounds or a struggle. T is for Time - if any of these symptoms are happening get the person to the nearest emergency room or call 911.

Once you have determined that a person is having a stroke, the best course of action is to get them to a hospital with a Comprehensive Stroke Center certification. These are places where the staff are trained to work in tandem to ensure the best possible outcome for stroke patients, both during the stroke and in its aftermath. In fact, stroke patients who get to a comprehensive stroke center have a 7% reduction in their death risk.

So how do you know these things when it counts? Plan ahead. Learn the symptoms and make a plan. It takes maybe ten minutes to research stroke symptoms and hospitals in your area, and it could save a life some day. If you are at high risk for a stroke or if someone in your family is take a few minutes to talk about having a plan should the worst happen.

Obviously I’m not a doctor, though, so if you aren’t sure about my recommendations talk to your doctor the next time you’re there. Until then, learn more about Comprehensive Stroke Centers from this infographic!

How to Prevent Yourself From Getting a Stroke