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How to Rock Your Next Interview

After sky-high unemployment rates following the Great Recession, unemployment has fallen to a low 3.9%, but people are still struggling to find work. With phone screening and multiple interviews, the hiring process is the United States can take nearly a month from the application to the final hiring decision. The job market is changing, and nearly half of job seekers think it’s getting harder to find work.

More companies are employing software to filter through resumes, making it harder to get in front of a hiring manager unless you’re a perfect fit, or you get creative with your resume. At the same time, this software has made cover letters, once a essential part of every job search, nearly obsolete. About half of all applicants don’t bother with a cover letter, and only a quarter of recruiters still find them important.

Job seekers aren’t the only one finding the current job market difficult. Many recruiters struggle to find suitable candidates for their open positions or find candidates never respond to their calls or emails. Online job boards attract more applicants but that doesn’t mean they’re qualified, and many recruiters struggle to sort through the heaps of resumes to find the right people.

Finding a job may be more difficult because younger generations tend to job hop more frequently, meaning both candidates and recruiters spend more time searching. With all these changes in the job market, when you do finally get that interview, it’s essential to stand out from the crowd. Check out this infographic for some tips on how to ace your next interview:

How to Rock Your Next Interview