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Personal Branding - Guys Should Look Good Too!

Let’s take a minute to talk about toxic masculinity. This is the idea that society conditions men to behave in ways that are contrary not only to the best interests of society but to the best interests of the men themselves. If you’ve ever been told that something you wanted to do was “not manly” or was “too girly” you’ve experienced it. And you probably internalized it.

One of the things that men are socialized not to do is to take care of themselves, especially their personal grooming. We’ve all heard the term “metrosexual” by now. This is the notion that somehow there’s something wrong with taking care of your skin and combing your hair once in awhile.

The fact of the matter is that your skin is your body’s largest organ and if you are washing everything but your face that doesn’t make a darn bit of sense. Thankfully this societal norm is changing. Today 60% of Millennial men say that their looks and appearance are very important to them, and a lot of it has to do with the prevalence of social media.

So when you want to start using skincare products are you just supposed to go into your wife’s or girlfriend’s medicine cabinet? Not exactly. Men’s skin is different. It is 25% thicker and twice as sweaty as women’s skin. You’re going to need your own stuff.

Sunscreen is the most important thing to use on a daily basis, and if you can combine that with a moisturizer that saves a lot of time. You’ll also have to take another look at how you are caring for your facial hair - that bird’s nest of leftovers isn’t all that appealing to look at.

Taking care of yourself is not “too girly” and you really need to be doing a better job of it. People do judge others based on appearances, and most men aren’t up to date on learning how to take care of their faces. Learn more about the art of personal branding from this infographic!

Personal Branding - Guys Should Look Good Too!

Men should look their best. Beards are iffy, IMO. Not all men look good with a beard and especially if it is not well-groomed.

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I always try to look my best - it's a fundamental part of my brand! @John White, MBA

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