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Wellness on the Blockchain

We all feel stress and anxiety from time to time, in fact nearly half of Americans are concerned that deal with too much stress in their daily lives. While we know that healthy habits can help us manage and overcome stress, our attention is divided and we often find it difficult to make time for our own wellbeing.

Meditation, yoga, and even relaxing music can help us calm down and de-stress. In fact, each of these activities has been proven to lower stress and anxiety and help us feel better. Yoga and meditation can actually improve your memory leading to better performance at work. Each of these wellness activities is becoming easier to access, with apps and online streaming services that let us practice healthy behaviors at home.

Despite the growing ease of access, many people aren’t taking the time for their health that they should. Many of us download the apps, or even subscribe to a streaming service that we forget to use. Instead, we’re constantly distracted by social media and other internet services that are designed to grab our attention and consume our free time.

Technology might be part of the problem, but it’s also offering new solutions. With gamified features, health-focused sites can grab users attention and get us engaged in healthy behaviors, while we compete for a new high score or try to make it to the top of the leaderboard. Gamification encourages repetition and keeps us coming back for more practice, increasing our learning.

Learn more about new blockchain technology applications for wellness in this infographic:

Wellness on the Blockchain