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What's the Role of AI in Customer Experience?

Artificial intelligence is growing quickly, and not everyone is comfortable with the its new role in our lives. Customers are equal split between those who are comfortable with AI, those who are aren’t comfortable, and those who aren’t really sure what to think. At the same time, half of people who interacted with AI in the last year, didn’t even realize it.

Learning what AI can do is the surest way to help customers feel more comfortable. More than two-thirds of people say they’d use AI if it could save them time or money, and that’s just what AI can do.

Have you ever tried to place an order online and found the checkout process unnecessarily complicated or confusing? New chatbots are cropping up that help shoppers find the products their looking for, place an order, or even take payment through messaging. Whether you’re trying to find your way through the Mall of America or ordering a pizza, messaging with a chatbots save you time and effort.

Chatbots are also growing more popular in customer service. Rather than having live agents take all incoming calls, chatbots are designed to answer simple questions and triage calls to live agents, reducing hold time for callers.

AI also powers augmented reality apps that help shoppers pick the perfect product for their needs. Whether you try-on clothing in a virtual fitting room or use augmented reality to pick out your next sofa, AI helps you see the product at home before you purchase.

Artificial intelligence can streamline any business, from a mega-corporation’s customer service to a freelancer’s intake forms. Read this infographic for more:

What's the Role of AI in Customer Experience?