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What Would You Do With an Internet Snow Day?

Let’s back up a minute. Remember snow days when you were a kid? You may have kids who are having snow days right now. You remember the feeling. You wake up and check the television and discover that you can go back to bed! Or you can play video games in your pajamas all day! How much fun was that?

Now as an adult even when we are staying home with our kids on snow days we still have to work thanks to the Internet. The Internet has made so many things about our lives so much easier. But it also means there are no more snow days.

Except that there are Internet snow days. What does that mean exactly? When the Internet goes out you usually can’t get your work done. So you have to have an Internet snow day.

Think about it - if you work in an office, how much of your work can you actually get done when the Internet is out? Not that much. In fact, 78% of office workers in the United States consider Internet access to be crucial to getting their jobs done. And many of those workers consider Internet speeds to be a deciding factor when choosing a location for a new office.

When you experience an outage you can’t do many of the things you usually do, but you can reconnect with the offline world. You can read a book instead of downloading an e-book, or you can pull out your actual cook books instead of browsing Pinterest for a recipe.

Learn more about how to deal with an Internet snow day from this infographic!

What Would You Do With an Internet Snow Day?

I sure do miss those snow days. Hey--how about calling the Internet in as sick?

Wayne Yoshida 9/1/2018 · #1

Great way to look at this issue in a positive way, @Brian Wallace. Although I never experienced a "snow day." I have to confess, sometimes I love it when "the network is down" - it is "secret code" for "time to take a break!"