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When Was the Last Time You Googled Yourself?

If you’re like most Americans, your social media accounts are only just a click or two away. The result is more than just instantaneous access to friends and family; Americans are sharing more personal information about themselves than ever before and it all has to go somewhere.

Google handles over 3.5 billion (yes, billion with a B) searches every day and you may be surprised how many of those searches account for users looking up their own name. Nearly 50% of Gen Zers and almost 60% of millennials have Googled their own name just to see what was out there. Typing our own names into that search box may entertain our curiosity, but what it reveals could mean more.

Almost 70% of Americans have a Facebook account and two in three Americans make use of online accounts to store other personal data, like financials and medical information. Our online habits and social media obsession sprinkled with a touch of personal oversharing gives scammers and other cyber criminals opportunity. What we can see from a simple Google search is the very same content that cyber criminals can see. By gathering bits of information across multiple platforms, criminals can put together a puzzle that was never meant to be completed.

Today, half of Americans think their personal data is less secure than it was just 5 years ago - but control of that data is our own responsibility. Take a look at this infographic for more detail on online data management, how to keep your private information secure, and what steps to take when it gets out of hand.

When Was the Last Time You Googled Yourself?