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'DEMYSTIFYING BLOCKCHAIN solutions in Agriculture and the Food Value Chain' Inside Food & Drink

'DEMYSTIFYING BLOCKCHAIN solutions in Agriculture and the Food Value Chain' Inside Food & Drink///Hot off the press/// My 'DEMYSTIFYING BLOCKCHAIN solutions in Agriculture and the Food Value Chain' article from the December issue of Inside Food & Drink. >>>>

This is another collaboration with IEEE, focused on what I advocate as the 'greatest opportunity to integrate blockchain solutions' -->> open innovation in the food value chain.

As well as, the best double and triple bottom line returns, in our efforts to feed the world a healthy and sustainable diet.

First, let’s concede what blockchain is not in relation to agriculture.

Blockchain is not a panacea for solving all of the supply-chain problems associated with agriculture in our world. It’s ultimately just a ledger—though with immutability—and ledgers have been around perhaps only several thousand years fewer than has been agriculture.

Blockchain, however, is a tool, a mechanism that is most promising in terms of evolving much of the same technology that has already existed in agriculture (and other areas). The excitement around integrating blockchain solutions is that they allow us to more effectively manage and democratize the agriculture ecosystem and to further encourage transparent collaboration. In effect, blockchain shoulders the burden of trust, freeing people to further align with one another, as opposed to talking past each other.

The need for #standardisation in how to integrate blockchain solutions is vital, but blockchain is just the mechanism to allow us to evolve how we use existing technology in open innovation to build better products and services. And focus on building a new business models, so stakeholders are empowered as shareholders and incentivised to be engage in creating better ecosystems.

Join the conversation. Exciting things are happening already. Contact me to learn what we are working on.

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Brian Heinen 3/1/2019 · #2

Thanks for your comments. #1 I think the author of the article in your link misses the main points about measurable added value for integrating blockchain solutions. As I mention in my article ( the added value is the new governance business model where the mechanism of blockchain validates each stakeholders deliverables, freeing them to collaborate without the need for a 3rd party to create a trust network. It is a trustless network that this creates that allows us to evolve the way people work with existing, and future technology - it is not the technology itself.

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CityVP 🐝 Manjit 2/1/2019 · #1

Congrats on both publications. This buzz gave me a chance to explore the basic agricultural value chain and a Colorado University video aided me in visualizing this complexity albeit this is a 2 minute+ video

What did get my attention was a quote from Rachel Botsman quoted by New Food Magazine where she is quoted as saying "“institutional trust is not designed for the digital age”. That is a key point that I strongly identified with - see

It is interesting how networks can be configured with an anti-fragile ledger system such as blockchain. I have not got my head around how networks differ across various industry value chains but that is an opportunity for me to get informed about that also.