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European Parliament Debate: Demystifying Blockchain - Solutions for the Food Value Chain

European Parliament Debate: Demystifying Blockchain - Solutions for the Food Value Chain Original artwork from the November issue of 'The Parliament Magazine'​

I presented and debated at the #EuropeanParliament in Brussels on Nov. 27 2018. My focus was Demystifying Blockchain: Integrating Blockchain in Agriculture and the Food Value Chain.

The IEEE organised event on ‘Demystifying Blockchain’ brought together Members of Parliament policy makers with experts from industry and academia to address different perspectives of Blockchain technologies in industrial domains and applications impacting the everyday life of citizens, including energy, agriculture, security and supply chain management.

Over the next 20 years, we can expect to see the most profound achievements in the agri-food industry. One of the best opportunities, offering some of the greatest rewards, for integrating blockchain is in the food value chain. Blockchain is a key tool to evolve existing technology to help us embed trust across the farm-to-mouth supply chain. - Brian Heinen

To give some context for the debate, the IEEE complied together a catalogue of insights from each participant about blockchain in their industry. You can read all the articles and find my full piece here on page 9 of the European Parliament magazine.

This debate was hosted by Marietje Schaake, Member of European Parliament and moderated by Eva A. Kaili, Member of the European Parliament as part of the European Innovation Summit. It celebrated 10 years of addressing hot topics currently on the policy agenda, developments in sectors crucial for Europe’s competitiveness as well as a deep dive into emerging technologies.

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