Ноw Tо Kеер Yоur Саrреt Frеsh Аnd Сlеаn for a long period of time

Ноw Tо Kеер Yоur Саrреt Frеsh Аnd Сlеаn for a long period of time

Keeping your carpets clean and smelling good can be easy when you learn some carpet cleaning hacks.  Clean carpets can make a huge difference to every home and when they smell good and look good the general ambience of your home gets a boost. The first step towards carpet cleaning is preventing unwanted moisture and dirt from coming on to the carpets. There are many ways to ensure that dirt and moisture do not come on to your carpet and we have collated a few tips to help you along the way. 

Dirt on your carpets works like thousands of blades and cuts fibres on the carpet. Sharp dirt particles grind against the carpet yarn when people walk over it and the fibre gets tiny nicks. All these fuzz and dirt fill the bag in your vacuum over several weeks contributing to gradual deterioration of your carpet. When the carpet fibre suffers such continuous insult, it loses the motivation to stay clean and serve you longer.  Just look closely over the high traffic areas in your home and you can immediately see signs of an unhappy carpet.

  • Ditch your shoes

Let everyone in the family cultivate a habit of leaving their shoes right at the entrance and request your visitors also to follow the same. You can even put a prominently visible sticker saying “your shoes here please” and provide a shoe stand where everyone can keep their shoes.  When the shoes enter the house, they bring along a huge amount of mess and dirt and spread them over your clean, lovely carpets. The tread on the shoes are harder compared to slippers and essentially harder than the bare feet or with socks. This feature of shoes will cause faster deterioration of your carpets.  

  • Carpet protection

You can add a beautiful rug over the carpets in the home in areas that receive maximum traffic to keep the carpets protected and clean. Undoubtedly, the rug also will need maintenance though removing the rug and deep cleaning is a lot easier compared to cleaning the entire carpet. Adding chair mats is another great idea to protect the carpet from potential damage caused by the chair wheels/legs.

  • Baking soda can do wonders to your carpets

Did you know that sprinkling some baking soda before you start vacuuming is the simplest trick to keep your carpet fresh and smelling good for long? All of us want our carpets to be clean as well as smelling good.  Sprinkle baking soda lightly over the carpet and allow it to stay for about ten minutes before you start normal vacuuming. 

  • Vacuum well and regularly

The simplest way to ensure that your carpets stay clean and serve you longer is to vacuum regularly. Thrice a week is ideal and the minimum is twice a week with an interval of at least two days. Vacuuming helps in picking up dust and prevent it from getting embedded into the carpet. Slow vacuuming is an effective way to get the best out of your effort and a hurried pass may not collect all the dust from your carpet. 

  • Replace bags and filters at regular intervals

Irrespective of the type or shape of your vacuum, ensure to keep the filters and bags in a clean state, replacing them at intervals when needed. If the bag is full and the filter chocked, your vacuum will lose all its suction power and you could potentially end up wasting your time and effort. 

  • Professional deep cleaning at periodic intervals

Regular carpet cleaning is essential but it is not enough to achieve deep cleaning and extend the life of your carpet. Schedule a professional deep cleaning at least twice a year. The kind of equipment and expertise professional carpet cleaners bring along are not available to homeowners.

  • Emergency kit 

Always keep an emergency kit handy to fight stains on your carpet with these items:-

  • Club soda for beer/wine spills

  • Commercial grade carpet stain removers to get rid of stubborn stains

  • Shaving cream which works well for most types of carpet stains

  • Ice cubes for removing chewing gum by freezing the gum to remove it faster

  • Hydrogen peroxide if you happen to have bloodstains on the carpet

  • Dish wash also works well for cleaning most spills 

Spills and stains are best removed as soon as they happen than allowing them to settle into the carpet. 

  • Vacuum height 

When a portable vacuum is employed, you should take care to maintain the right height. When the height is not right, dirt collection will be poor and on the other hand, if the height is too low, it can damage the carpet and impact functioning of the roller brush and belt on your machine. You can get the height right by bringing it to the maximum height and then lowering it till you feel the machine tries to move forward when you begin the cleaning process. 

  • Walk-off mats

Walk-off mats can be great help outside and inside the entrance door for keeping dirt and similar hostile elements from reaching the carpet. A textured and coarse mat outside the door can help keep all soil from footwear away from the carpet making your carpet cleaning task a lot easier. Similarly, water-absorbent mats can protect the carpet from wet footfalls. 


If dirt and moisture are allowed to accumulate on your carpet over long periods of time, professional carpet cleaning would be the only way to get your carpet back in shape. 

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