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Constituency Mr. Brijmohan Agrawal

Constituency Mr. Brijmohan Agrawal

Constituency: Mr. Brijmohan Agrawal

In order to overcome the problem of drinking water in some of the wards of the South assembly constituency

South Vidhan Sabha area, two major reservoirs were sanctioned near Raipur near Kushalpur and Netaji stadium. With the construction of these two water tankices, the drinking water issue of Goalabazar, New Mercury, Sadar Bazar, Budhapara, Chhotapara Baron Bazar, Baijnathpara and Kushalpur, Lakhnagar, Old Township, Professor Colony, Ashwani Nagar, Bhim Nagar, Sunder Nagar, will be completed Will end.

Free from problems

To keep the Raipur South Assembly area free of electrification, 132 KV of 20 crores in Ravana Bhasha High pressure center has been approved. 8 sub centers of Rs. 12 crores, 33 KV The monastery of Ashwani Nagar, Kushalpur, Nayapara, Shailendra Nagar, near Malaria office, has been approved in AmaliDih and Gokul Nagar. 33 KVs at 9 sub stations In addition to the high level, the transformers have been approved in Changora, police line, Rajendra Nagar, Bhathgaon and Puraina. 1200 Nos. Transformer of 84 crores has been approved in the 26 wards of South Vidhan Sabha for the orderly distribution of streamlined electricity. So far 430 transformers have become fit and electrification has started. In South Vidhan Sabha area, the construction of four substations of Bharatgaon, near Dhebar City, near Waalfort City and four-six lakh substations in ChangoraBha has been completed. From Ravana Bhatha to Sunder Nagar, the heat tension wire passing through the house is being removed and shifted, which will cost more than 40 million rupees.

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