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A Rainy Walk Through Ponta Delgada

A Rainy Walk Through Ponta Delgada

A Rainy Walk Through

Ponta Delgada, Azores

On our recent Disney TransAtlantic Cruise, after a week at sea, we stopped in Ponta Delgada, Azores.  Enjoy over 30 photos that I took while on my rainy walk through town.

(St. Peter's Church)

The volcanic islands lie 1000 miles from the coast of Europe.  Everyone was excited to visit our first port.

(Academy of Arts)

Known for its natural beauty and whales, most cruise passengers, including us, chose to quickly leave the port, bypassing the town of Ponta Delgada.

(a fin whale from our whale watching excursion)

We took a whale watching expedition that was amazing.  Other passengers toured the lush green countryside with mountains, lakes, vistas, and sheep.  Few stayed in town.

Ponta Delgada

When we returned, clouds covered the sky.  Rain gently fell.  We still had a few hours left in port.  A handful of us braved the elements and explored Ponta Delgada.

(Rainy street in Ponta Delgada)

It was Sunday afternoon.  Most shops were closed and streets were quiet.

(a peak inside a small wine and cheese shop)

I had no idea what idea what to expect, having seen only a handful of photos.  My rainy walk through Ponta Delgada surprised and thrilled me.  What a beautiful town!

(St. Sebastian Church bell tower)

With a map in hand, I explored the narrow streets.  White washed buildings with dark wood trim wound up and down the hills.

(a horse drawn carriage near the Porta da Cidade/City Gate)

(Porta da Cidade/City Gate)

(bright flowers on the Praca da Goncalo Velhor)

Occasionally, light blue or yellow would gently stand out.  Bright flowers, trees, and lush, green grass burst forth color onto the blank canvas.

(Ponta Delgada City Hall)

(Church of St. Sebastian)

Having not yet visited Andalusia, a town clad almost completely in white was a new experience which I loved.

(a cute cafe)

My Tour of the Town

My photos lead you through my path.  First, I headed for St. Peter Church, which I could see from our ship.  Then, I walked to the City Gates.  I passed by the courthouse and Church of Saint Sebastian, on my way to Antero de Quental Park.

(Antero de Quental Park)

(a house overlooking the park)

(looking beyond the park)

(a street view from Antero de Quental Park)

Each stop and the in between provided picturesque settings.  After leaving the park, I came upon the College Jesuit Church and Carlos Machado Museum.

(Museo Carlos Machado)

I continued my loop through the winding streets, back towards the courthouse.  All of the town that I saw was clean and well maintained.  Finally, I passed along the docks and enjoyed views of the boats in the harbor

(Walking back to the docks)

(a cafe open on a rainy Sunday)

I walked approximately 1.6 miles through the gentle rain.  I wish that there had been more time.  My route only covered a portion of the town.  Click here for a map of my route.

(looking back at the City Hall walking back to the Disney Magic)

Ponta Delgada thoroughly impressed me.  Clouds and rain could not dampen the experience.  I hope to return and have more time to wander this beautiful town.

(The Disney Magic docked in Ponta Delgada)

(a look at Ponta Delgada from the Disney Magic)

(The Mercado de Peixe, sailing out to sea)

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