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Cyber Terrorists

Cyber TerroristsThis producer is a translation of the producer - BeBee Brand Ambassador: CIBERTERRORISTAS, make a Brazilian ambassador Luizia🐝 Patrício.

I reach the only conclusion - are cyber-terrorists !?

Last week, a friend of mine sent out an alert, a frightening affair. I had not realize this before. As you know this hive was created for us mothers to help us.

Although my friend who introduced me to the subject is not a mother "yet". She in turn knows how important this subject is to us! As well as the choking game, this is even more alarming for us moms, family and population. Here's anarticle on "the choking game".


It's a sinister viral game. Has caused alarm worldwide. Played by social networks, which proposes macabre challenges to teenagers, like hitting photos watching horror movies, self-mutilating, getting sick and in the final step, commit suicide.

 What to think about the creator of this terrible "game", not just another form of terrorism.

Understand the purpose of this game is to lead the "player" to death! For this reason I use the term above.

Games with lethal risk appeals have become fashionable among teens. An example is the chocking game, which has generated victims, even in Brazil. Another is the "salt and ice challenge," in which teens should burn their skin and share images on social networks to be accepted into the group. Although he has existed for years, the challenge has returned with force recently. Not to mention the "Fire Fairy" game, which incites children to turn on the gas the stove at night, while the parents sleep.

Everything on the internet spreads very fast, even the most unbelievable things. In this case it is no different. The phenomenon has gained visibility and is spreading throughout the world. In some countries, such as England, France and Romania, schools have warned families after teenagers showed up with cuts in their arms, burns and other signs of mutilation.


Apparently the phenomenon began in Russia, but is spreading - including Brazil, as suggested by the case of the young girl16 year old, who died in Mato Grosso.

There is also a police investigation in Paraíba- Brasil.

In Russia, in 2015, a 15-year-old girl threw herself off the top of a building; Days later, a 14-year-old girl threw herself in front of a train. After investigating the cause of these and other suicides committed by young people, the police linked the facts to a group that participated in a challenge with 50 missions. Being the last mission, to take your own life.

The concern increased last year, when various sources even unconfirmed of 130 suicides allegedly linked to online communities identified as "death groups".


The recommendations for the families are:

Monitoring the use of the internet

 Attend children's social networks

Observe strange behavior

Above all, to talk and make adolescents aware of the consequences that the practices of such "games" cause

Attention redoubled

Redoubled care for young people with such symptoms

Tendency to depression, as they are especially attracted to games like Blue Whale.

Basic information

Schools should put the issue on the agenda and incorporate more and more into the curriculum, education for appreciation of life, respect for the lives of others and the conscious use of media and technologies.

Here is my request Mother, Father, Person. To pollinate this information is our duty to warn everyone about cyber-terrorists!

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