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How gambling changes the psyche of people

How gambling changes the psyche of people

Gambling is fond of millions of people around the world. Sometimes people get really dependent on this habit. That is why such games are banned in many world powers.

What are the changes in the human psyche after gambling?

Most foreign psychologists note the harmful effects of gambling on the human psyche. They put forward disappointing forecasts and compare the game with alcohol and drug addiction. Such studies were carried out by the staff of the Institute for Frontier Areas of Psychology and Mental Health (IGPP).

The main danger that lies in wait for the player, it becomes not his desire to stop the game on time. A person loses big money, movable and immovable property. It is not uncommon for a player to take large sums of money, take loans to win back and lose again. This can not but affect the human psyche. He can become depressed, embittered and lose the meaning of life. 

The main purpose of his existence is the desire to get money and start playing again. Gambler is ready for anything to continue the game. He can commit unlawful acts in order to obtain money. From his dependence, relatives and friends suffer.

Cases of suicide among gamers are also common. Once in debt, a person does not know how to get out and decides to leave his life, leaving a debt burden to his relatives. He sees the solution of all problems in suicide, and does not understand: what grief he will bring to his relatives. Often the gambler loses his friends and family turn away from him. He remains with his addiction one on one.

The most terrible thing is that such a person does not consider himself dependent. He refuses to undergo treatment and rehabilitation, work with specialists and does not even want to try to get rid of the addictive habit that destroys his consciousness.

In what state should not you gamble?

In order not to inflict a great deal of damage to your budget and psyche, a person should play with the mind. You need to control your budget. If the player has little money with him, then he should not start the game with large bets, since there is a risk of a quick loss. You need to put small amounts, gradually increasing them. Never bet on money that has been set aside for certain purposes. In case of a loss, this will help to avoid additional disappointments. It is best to allocate a certain amount from the budget for gambling. For example: 10% of any income. This method will allow a person to enjoy the game and not lose all of his condition.

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