Bryan Luce en Innovation, Directors and Executives, Entrepreneurs Founder and CEO • Green highway, Inc. 2/7/2016 · 1 min de lectura · +300

Innovation,,,,,,OR not.

People who are “innovative” are different. We see things differently than others. We see pathways where others see roadblocks. We see solutions, where others see problems. We seek to find ways to collaborate, and cross-populate ideas, where others attempt to covet knowledge. We see multiple options to explore and get excited, while others are paralyzed with the fear of making a decision.

I am reminded of a recent article from @innovationexcellence The article is well written, and YES, I believe that people can be taught ways to think, act and embrace the innovative principles. The thought that resonates most with me at the moment is the following: “People can innovate. What we can do is accelerate, simplify and make their innovation activities more productive and efficient through tools and techniques. But what we cannot do is remove fear, uncertainty, corporate constraints and a lack of executive commitment.”

Often times when we come into contact with those that are not like us, there can be communication problems. We see the “logic” of the multiple innovation pathways, we begin to openly ideate and seek input from the others in the conversation to further enhance the discussion. Innovation comes with a passion to explore the pathway from idea to implementation to success. We talk about multiple options and again seek input and passionate engagement from others. Except when the others in the room are not “into” that type of process. Have you ever been met with confusion, when in a meeting you start to “ideate” and then look at the others who become intimidated, then angered at the passion and thought process when a couple of innovators get going?

Anyone else ever have this happen? Would welcome your thoughts and comments on how to include the “others” when an idea gets thrown on the wall for discussion.

Innovation,,,,,,OR not.