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Business Franchise Australia Now on the Go

Business Franchise Australia Now on the Go

Business Franchise Australia is now available through an app that makes digital issues readable on the go.

Sydney, Australia, 14th June, 2018:

Franchises in Australia are a major model in business, and many big businesses are choosing to expand with the help of franchising. From local territories to nation-wide expansion, franchising is the modal vehicle that helps businesses access all markets in Australia. Business Franchise Magazine is a business magazine which focuses particularly on the franchise industry and enjoys huge readership among Australian business communities. Covering all major and minor franchising Australia topics across industries, the magazine releases 6 issues a year and is a handbook for both budding entrepreneurs and established business people operating in the franchise domain.

Every 2 months, a new digital edition of the magazine is available completely free to read on the Business Franchise Australia website. However, to make things even easier for its online readers. Business Franchise Australia can also be accessed through a free app for its subscribers. This app runs smoothly on both iOS and Android can be downloaded from App stores. This on the go app makes browsing the current and previous editions much easier for its readers.

With the app installed on the phone, not only can the magazines be read with just a tap, but users will also get the updates of latest issues first. Business Franchise Australia can also be subscribed to annually. It costs a subscriber $16 only plus additional delivery charges to get printed copies of all 6 yearly editions shipped to the required address. For those more comfortably reading it on their phone, the app presents a great opportunity to save both trouble and cost.

The Business Franchise Australia Magazine app is extremely light and easy to use. Available in its most updated version, the magazines can be bought through the app at very small prices. The single issues cost $2.99 while the annual digital subscription comes for $22.99. There is also a 6-month digital subscription package that comes for about half the price of annual subscription at $10.99 for 3 issues. All editions current and former can be purchased through the app. Those not using the app can also buy it from the website.

Carrying the most comprehensive directory of franchises available in Australia, Business Franchise Australia is among the market leaders. Carrying updated information, the magazine is a guidebook for pros and beginners. Alongside the magazine are two annual publications from Business Franchise: The Franchise Directory and The Franchise Guide. The Franchise directory Australia contains up-to-date listing of the available opportunities. The Guide is a comprehensive handbook which brings all latest news, general information and advice from experts.

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Business Franchise Australia and New Zealand is a digital magazine published by CGB Publishing, a proven leader in the world of Franchising. It has been in operation for 30 long years and is a trusted member of the, International Franchise Association (IFA).


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