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Regarding Vanity Publishing

Regarding Vanity Publishing

Today's reflection concern something I (re)discovered when moving to England.

Vanity publishing. 

In French we don't use the translation of vanity, (and it made sounds it very polite) "publication à compte d'auteur"

meaning publication on author's account (not really sure about the translation), but the meaning still the same = please pay !

To make it short (for those asking what vanity publishing is about).

vanity pressvanity publisher, or subsidy publisher is a term describing a publishing house in which authors pay to have their books published.


Yesterday I read a very interesting buzz by Robert Cormack   on being worrying about being published. 

And it made me think again about Vanity Publishing.

A far as I want my book (this is an imaginary book) published by an editor I won't pay 2500£ or more for it (hey have like 2 or 3 prices, 1000£ - 2500£ and 3500£).

I really think as an author/writer (whatever you can call yourself writing), you don't have to pay to publish a book, unless you are a self-published author and in this case I think it's still better to spend your money on books you will really own than giving it to one of those « so-called publishers ».


I don't judge people paying, If you can afford that much and want to, well, why not.

But, it made me think about this emotion described by Robert « to be worried about being published ». It that a thing ? I mean, if it's your dream to be published, isn't better to find a publisher and to earn it the right way ? Or to throw yourself into self-publishing ?

Don't go the « easy-vanity-publishing » way. It may be easier, or at least it sounds easier, but I think it's not.

It would make me sad to see my book poorly edited, and printed (I got one of those books in my hands and the books printed by Amazon are way much better for example).

Plus, giving away the rights of your book, which is most worrying than being published or not...Think about it.

While browsing the internet looking for more information about this kind of publishing because it's still amazing me, I found this very helpful website with a lot of information on vanity publishing, (if like me you want to know more and have some spare time today). I also found a lot a people complaining about vanity publishers and wanted their money back.

I still thinking about this kind of publishing and I still don't get it (my brain is like BUT WHY...)

I'd rather print my book myself with my printer to give it to my family & friends than giving it away like this. 

Best Whishes ! 


Camille Mari 29/11/2016 · #6

#4 I'm sorry about what happened with your dad's book. Your dad's publisher is the kind I don't like so much. I noticed on the Amazon page there is no Kindle version for your dad's book, which is very strange because it should be available (and or part of the contract), and cost no more money for you. I help authors with self-publishing and sometimes it can sound like a nightmare too, but it still cheaper and the way you want. Drop me an email if you need help with something.

#5 I agree. Self-publishing can be done very well and have a professional touch now.

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Phillip Hubbell 29/11/2016 · #5

Self publishing has come a long way since the days when authors had to print a bunch of books and store them in a garage. Print on Demand means that if someone orders a book from Amazon, Apple, Books-a-Million, Barnes and Nobel as examples they print one book and send it to the customer. Books are also available as eBooks in all these places and registered with Ingram Wholesalers. The editing is your task, the cover can be done professionally and the marketing is whatever you put into it. The standard publishers are great if you are a celebrity or a famous media personality.

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Harvey Lloyd 29/11/2016 · #4

Great post. Anyone who is considering publishing a book either self or otherwise should consider your thoughts. My dad had a burning desire to take a story he had written into a published book. ( He is retired and my brother and i decided this would be a great project for him. We funded the book through a regional publisher who we felt would add a personal touch with dad. It cost us about 8,000 US to get the box of 50 books and all the other bells and whistles.

My brother who is not as flexible as myself in communications had a nightmare with some of the online self-publishers. They pushed a lot of hope and dream but in the fine print the costs were astronomical. If the hope and dream part did come true the contract basically had you making money after the first million in sales.

Your advice is prudent and food for thought. Self-publishing is a learning adventure. Well worth the money we spent. All three of us learned a lot about publishing. I sense that i could evaluate the process with a little more wisdom now.

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Camille Mari 29/11/2016 · #3

@Lisa Gallagher I'm glad I gave you an idea. :)

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Lisa Gallagher 29/11/2016 · #2

You just gave me a great idea @Camille Mari! We are making homemade gifts for Christmas this year in honor of my mom (who was a very artsy/crafty woman. She made homemade gifts for all the adults over the last 15 years or so. I think I may print off stories I've written about her over the past 2 years, put them in a nice binder with a cover (collage of entire family on cover) and that will be my gift! Thank you for this.

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David B. Grinberg 29/11/2016 · #1

Nice buzz, Camille! Lot's of "food for thought".

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