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Why I like Image & Infographic

Why I like Image & Infographic

I consider myself as an « image-eater », meaning : I like browsing the Internet to find new images I can next send to my friends ( and yes they still being friends after all the stupid content I send them).

It can be because I grew up with the TV and the ads displayed on it, even If I don't own one now (for many reasons).

If you're a regular blogger, you know that YOU should put an image on each blog post you write. This way, people will stop on your post and read it.

Take 2 minutes and browse any social media page you have...What do you see ?

An image can be more effective than a thousand words, everyone knew it. BUT in order to be this effective, it needs to be relevant.

Ie : Don't put a polar bear if you speak about coffee unless the name of the coffee brand is « Polar Bear ».

I love creating my own visual/image. I use Canva, it's quick andvery useful, even if you're working in marketing etc... or Photoshop if I want high resolution (and If I have a lot of time).

In the next years, we'll see more and more visual content, and a bit less writing (which make me sad as a writer). Videos are the next marketing trend (link to an article), and If you take the time to watch your Facebook timeline, this is happeni