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Working in Slippers - My Entrepreneur story.

Working in Slippers - My Entrepreneur story.

Today's reflection. 

I work from home (or at least I try), like many other people. 

But why ? I could list all my degrees and experiences, but I won't so if you're curious, visit my profile.

I moved to England for personal reasons, and I couldn't find a job in my field or a related field. I spent months looking for something, and I got a JOB.

At the moment of the recruitment process, I was desperate, they needed someone. Do the math, everyone was happy.

Why am I saying this ? Because this job was not for me, I was not happy in this job, I'm a creative person and I need to do something creative. Create things, sharing them, learning new tools, etc...I'm an awful painter too but this is another story.

DO a job which made you feel happy ! I know how hard it can be, trust me !

It looks like I'm not good enough to work in a company, (regarding all the emails I got with a « thank you but no thank you »)… I don't hold any grudge.


But the question was - And now what ?

Well, I launched my own business as a freelance a few weeks ago, as I had some request for it, and to do something I love. Not Like, LOVE.

Entrepreneur is a nice word. As a french native, it means a lot for me too. You create things and you are the boss. Nice word. And on a piece of paper it looks nice too let's be honest.

SO YES, I do work in slippers ! Or to be honest, barefoot, because England is the carpet kingdom.

Am I happy working in slippers ? - Meaning : working for myself trying to build something ?

I DO. But its hard and challenging. I was lucky enough meeting the right person in the right place, and to learn about being self-employed in the UK.

I don't really know at the moment where I am going, nowhere maybe ? Or do I've in my hands the next multimillions company ? (not sure about this).

I am this kind of person saying, I can do everything (ie : write a book, or organise a concert). 

Sometimes I feel I'll conquer the world, sometimes I feel nothing is going to work.

BUT, I can say I'm happy trying to build something. This is the message I want to share here, beyond this short story. 

I wish everyone find a way to be happy or happier working in your field or the filed you wanted to work in.

Best wishes ! 


Launi Skinner 31/12/2016 · #27

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Ken Boddie 2/12/2016 · #26

I wish you bonne chance, Camille, but most of all I wish you Happy Writing. 😊

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Andrew 🐝 Goldman 2/12/2016 · #25

Thank you for a great message, @Camille Mari! Actually, everyone is an entrepreneur. Just some people have fixed payment for working hours, others have all they can earn for the results. Just as you said, loving what you do is the best thing in the world. People who do what they love always have time for everything.

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Lisa Gallagher 2/12/2016 · #24

Hi @Camille Mari, I work in my slippers too :)) I love how you described what you do. I'm happy you are happy! It's not easy working from your home, many distractions. I have set aside quite a bit of time at night to work when it's quieter and my mind isn't so distracted by the world. Being happy is so important.

You wrote: "Sometimes I feel I'll conquer the world, sometimes I feel nothing is going to work." Me too, I have good days and not such good days. It feels great when you do feel as though you can conquer the world!!

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Lisa Gallagher 1/12/2016 · #23

PS: thanks for tagging me @Mamen Delgado :))

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Lisa Gallagher 1/12/2016 · #22

#2 I just saw the tag, I'm leaving this tab open so I can read later today! Off to bed for a while :))

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Mohammed A. Jawad 27/11/2016 · #21

#20 I am glad to know that you're impressed by those words. Go ahead...more good wishes to you. :)

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Camille Mari 27/11/2016 · #20

#19 Those are very wise words @Mohammed A. Jawad, thank you. I'll write them down and stick them on my office wall.

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