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Nightmare world- looking through the stained glass window.

Nightmare world- looking through the stained glass window.

It was at the age of 14 when I worked out that most people suck. My parents were still living together but going through a very messy separation. They hated each other. They hated me. I had them beat. I hated the world.

One afternoon in a rage against the injustice of it all, I slammed the front door so hard that the stained glass window in the door shattered. The glass looked beautiful, broken and cracked but still in its frame. It was over 100 years old.

My parents were angry but determined. They called all the experts in the city. Nothing the same. They bought the best replacement glass they could.  (Check the house pic. It’s still there.) It was not as good as the original glass. It wasn't even the same color.

Can you imagine what it was like to be reminded of this twice every day? First leaving the house in the morning and then coming home from school?

It was my first experience that some things can't be replaced.

One of my good friends was murdered twice recently. (He is still a connection so I wised up and restricted viewing access of my connections. The privacy settings are behind your miniaturized photo on the top right of your homepage.)

How can someone be murdered twice you might logically ask?

The first time was physical and is unsolved. The second assassination was his character by stooges in the press. This needed to be clarified because murder is emotion not logic. After the media exposure his LinkedIn profile rocketed into my top 10 for profile views. It's still there now. I don't want to look at the top 10 viewed page anymore and I don't need to click on his profile. I am looking from the other side of the stained glass window.

If Kenda from Homicide Hunter was on the case it would likely be solved. It was already one of my favourite TV shows. Now I devour the new episodes with the intensity of a trainee detective. I see the inconsistencies of the murder investigation. I conclude that Kenda must be cloned and sent to every police station in the world.

I think my friend would like to have seen that. When we first became friends 13 years ago he was finishing his law degree. He would discuss rulings by famous judges. He respected the judges that gave detailed explanations of their rulings even the ones he disagreed with.

As for me, I no longer think that most people suck. That was my teenager from a dysfunctional family view of the world. Now I save my contempt for murderers and thieves, and the people that enable them.  

Over to you. Open fire.

Campbell Price Dec 4, 2016 · #5

#4 Hi Pamela. Thanks for your comment. You raise many interesting points around punishment of murderers. In my friends case his murder happened in a country with an extreme murder rate and an overworked and bad police force. Its unlikely anyone will even be charged. One of my friends described it best at the wake. I can't believe that we are all here together, while over there someone will go out tonight thinking they got away with it. A new bonded in tragedy friend comforted him. You are only saying what everyone here is thinking.

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Pamela 🐝 Williams Dec 4, 2016 · #4

Taking the life of another never makes sense, even those executed for murder. Their battle is over, they aren't being punished for what they have done, they escaped the ramifications of their actions. I believe if you really want to punish them, remove their loved ones completely from their lives. Don't allow friends or family to visit them in prison, don't allow communications and post photos of their loved ones having to live on without them.
Happy moment photos showing that despite the lack of their presence life continues and sad ones showing times of sorrow that their lack of presence caused. Put an empty chair at a family event/milestone their loved ones achieved that they could not share in and that chair was left empty. Let them feel all that they inflicted on another family and then make them look at images of the family they broke, the sadness, anger, fear, loss, of kids without fathers, or mothers. Make them spend their lives behind bars with their cell's plastered with all they caused and missed because they took a life. Even the most hardened criminals cannot psychologically handle such a onslaught of loss.
I think this should occur for any crime that harms another, make them live daily with the results of their crime. Here in the US that would be considered cruel and inhuman treatment and yet the friends and families of the victims are subjected to it every minute of everyday that their loved one is gone, or lose everything they have because of greed, or they live a life filled with pain because of a drunk driver, they can no longer trust another human because of a violent assault or rape, or they live a life of fear because their childhood was filled with physical and psychological abuse.
Why should the victims of crimes be the only ones that are truly punished. Don't let the criminals hide from their crimes, make them relive the reality of their actions every minute of every day.

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Campbell Price Dec 1, 2016 · #3

Great comments by people who get it. (Thanks Harvey and Lisa ) If you believe that lightening can strike twice, within a week of the funeral my next door neighbor died in a tragic accident at a theme park. (Nightmare world re-opens on December 10) I have insider insights into the media that I did not have previously. I would be grateful if someone could share my story to the communications/ media hive. Ps. My friend was not murdered in Australia. The country it happened in means that is highly unlikely to be solved and hence the filtered character assassination story will be the one remembered.

Harvey Lloyd Dec 1, 2016 · #2

You have tapped a great media issue, the insatiable need to bring judgment upon all involved, give reason to crimes or justifications. I need none of this. A person who was thriving was removed from our presence by someone who was not. Motivation, understanding or justification will not change this fact.

But media has had an effect on our society. This effect has been some form of higher reasoning that we can overlook crime based on background, conditions and emotional state. We reason this out in a public format that seems to alienate the victim of the crime.

I feel for your friends family.

Great post, @Campbell Price

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Lisa Gallagher Dec 1, 2016 · #1

Hi @Campbell Price, welcome to beBee! Friends or anyone we lose can never be replaced. It's sad that your friend has more recognition now than when he was alive. It's very sad to hear he was murdered, that must be painful when you think of him. I agree, most people don't suck! Thanks for this, a great first buzz.
cc: @David B. Grinberg @Deb Helfrich @Jared Wiese @Pamela L. Williams @John White, MBA

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