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Finding The Perfect Swimsuit

Finding The Perfect Swimsuit

Dressing Swimwear Up With Crystals And Pearls

If you are more into the spring themed colors, you'll find the swimsuit With Crystals & Pearls is more your style. It features a muted teal background with purple and yellow accents that show off the gentle and refined side of you. Both top and bottom of this one of a kind bikini features hand-applied pearls and crystals that give this designer bikini a unique look and some fashionable bling to sparkle in the sunlight. With skimpy coverage and a bold bright yellow neck tie, it's a great summer-themed traditional bikini with plenty to offer the bikini lover.

Finding The Perfect Swimsuit

If you're looking for a bikini that is entirely different, the Sumatra Twist Wrap ill give you plenty of originality. It features bold splashes of warm oranges and vibrant yellows and twist and tumble over the silky smooth Italian nylon and lycra of top and bottom. With cut outs and skimpy coverage on the bottom, there's plenty to show off. The top features a twist at the neckline which really shows off a unique style and still keeps you covered. A cut out still leaves room for you to play around with some skin, too. With a wide and comfortable tie around the neck, this is a great bikini option for someone who wants something a little different.

Sauvage One Piece Swimwear

If one pieces are more your style, the Nina Designer One Piece swimsuit is a fantastic, basic and stunning option. Featuring a supportive upper half that will give you some room to play with showing off your chest, thin straps trail over the shoulders and complete a dainty look. This designer one piece features full coverage at the bottom, which may lead you to think that this isn't a great suit. This is where you're wrong. The silhouette style is absolutely gorgeous and helps you highlight the summer body that you spent months taking care of. This gorgeous one of a kind one piece allows you to show that off in style.

For the fashionista that wants a one piece with a little more glitter, the Liquid Bronze Tank One Piece  may be the best option out there. It sticks to the skin and perfectly accentuates y