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Finding The Perfect Swimsuit

Finding The Perfect Swimsuit

Dressing Swimwear Up With Crystals And Pearls

If you are more into the spring themed colors, you'll find the swimsuit With Crystals & Pearls is more your style. It features a muted teal background with purple and yellow accents that show off the gentle and refined side of you. Both top and bottom of this one of a kind bikini features hand-applied pearls and crystals that give this designer bikini a unique look and some fashionable bling to sparkle in the sunlight. With skimpy coverage and a bold bright yellow neck tie, it's a great summer-themed traditional bikini with plenty to offer the bikini lover.

Finding The Perfect Swimsuit

If you're looking for a bikini that is entirely different, the Sumatra Twist Wrap ill give you plenty of originality. It features bold splashes of warm oranges and vibrant yellows and twist and tumble over the silky smooth Italian nylon and lycra of top and bottom. With cut outs and skimpy coverage on the bottom, there's plenty to show off. The top features a twist at the neckline which really shows off a unique style and still keeps you covered. A cut out still leaves room for you to play around with some skin, too. With a wide and comfortable tie around the neck, this is a great bikini option for someone who wants something a little different.

Sauvage One Piece Swimwear

If one pieces are more your style, the Nina Designer One Piece swimsuit is a fantastic, basic and stunning option. Featuring a supportive upper half that will give you some room to play with showing off your chest, thin straps trail over the shoulders and complete a dainty look. This designer one piece features full coverage at the bottom, which may lead you to think that this isn't a great suit. This is where you're wrong. The silhouette style is absolutely gorgeous and helps you highlight the summer body that you spent months taking care of. This gorgeous one of a kind one piece allows you to show that off in style.

For the fashionista that wants a one piece with a little more glitter, the Liquid Bronze Tank One Piece  may be the best option out there. It sticks to the skin and perfectly accentuates your feminine shape without making you feel like everything is on display. A generous round neck allows you to show off your body to anyone who wants to see it. The bronze tone of the one piece is fantastic with any complexion. This is a great one piece that will put a twist on the designer one piece world forever, one glittery inch at a time.

Classic Swimwear Pieces 

If you're interested in more classic and colorful one pieces, the Sauvage Swimwear Versailles Tank One Piece will do the trick. Featuring the same silhouette fit as the Nina Designer One Piece, this stylish option features traditional French designs in varying concentrations of gold. The designs completely cover the one piece and make it a sight to see for any luxury swimwear lover. Gifting the woman with plenty of opportunities to show off her bikini body, this is a great and classic one piece with dainty additions that make it entirely unique. Strut your stuff in style with the Versailles themed pattern.

Finding The Perfect Swimsuit

Dress it Up with a Print Bikini

It's hard to resist the tempting call of animal print, so enjoy it in a subdued manner with this Floral Teal Animal Print String Bikini. It is a great animal print option that is quiet enough to let you enjoy the warm teal hues on the beach. If you are someone who prefers the quieter styles, this is a great sexy option with space to show off your bikini body. The animal print makes itself known mostly on the bottom of this style with blue cheetah print. The top enjoys a more open style with geometric shapes and a hint of more cheetah print along the edges. For those who love teal, this is the best of both worlds.

For a change of pace, show off every inch of you with the Floral Mesh Diva Bikini. It is a great, riske style that leaves almost nothing to imagination. Black mesh, with it's elegant and defined structure , takes up most of this stellar style and leaves the crucial parts to be covered by vivid yellow, pink and purple swirls. There is no question that this is a very “out there” style, which makes it a great option for those who just love spicing their bikinis up at the beach.

Finding The Perfect Swimsuit

Sauvage Floral Bikinis

Similar to that style in a more muted approach, is the floral Verona. Have the same finely weaved mesh on top and bottom, this gives a very sexy approach to the classic triangle top bikini. The white and yellow floral print covers all of the essentials, but still lets you show off as much as you want to those passing by. If you are interested in these more revealing mesh styles, this is the best way to show some skin and still keep yourself in designer, luxurious comfort as you do it.

Maybe you're finding yourself looking at the styles and loving what you're seeing, but need something a little more supportive? You're in luck. The Floral Lace Bikini is a great style option with a full underwire in the bikini top, so you can enjoy the designer swimwear look while also knowing that all of your support needs are being taken into consideration. Decorated with a cute and girly floral print that will feel you feel delicate and light, this is a great smooth bikini that lets you show off skin without falling into the realm of bikinis that sag unattractively. Get the best of both worlds with this excellent style.

Finding The Perfect Swimsuit

Dress it up with some Bling!

For the bling lover, there is the Blue Bella Bikini a traditional bikini with the added decorations of bold and beautiful gold chains on both top and bottom. The gold decorations are entirely heat and rust resistant, so you can enjoy the fashion without worrying about the issues of a wardrobe malfunction. The gold chains are a great decorations to this bright bleu bikini because it makes you unique in a sea of similar styles and the glittery gold draws attention to your beautiful bikini body.

Finding The Perfect Swimsuit

Sauvage Bandeau Bikini

From some bandeau bikini fun, there is the Gold Crystal Snake Bandeau Bikini in Pink to keep you in style and looking fantastic with this unique look. The snake that trails down to the middle of the bandeau top features glittering crystals and helps decorate and keep the bandeau in place. The bottom features the signature Sauvage Swimwear gold rings that slide exactly where you want them. In a vivacious pink that will suit any complexion, you can rock this beautiful crystal studded bandeau wherever you go.

Getting back to the sexy and slinky one pieces, there is the Eclipse One Piece Swimsuit that is ready to make you part of nature with its beautiful sunset. Perfectly applied to the luxurious Italian nylon and lycra to best suit your fashion and comfort needs, you are ready to rock this style. Large cut outs highlight both sides of the one piece, mimicking a corset in how the smooth cord ties the pattern together. This is a daring one piece that will make an impact to those watching you parade by, made all the better by the low scoop neck that it features.

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