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The Enemy Within- Wishing Away The Trusted Insider Threat Is No Defence !

The Enemy Within- Wishing Away The Trusted Insider Threat Is No Defence !

The latest terror sprees on civil aviation, four to be precise, two on airliners the Metrojet 9268 in Cairo and Daallo D3159 in Mogadishu, and the other two on airports in Brussels and Istanbul not only demonstrates a renewed terrorist interest on the aviation industry, but also a whetted appetite on their part, that may be basically telling us to watch the space for more to come.

Their unprecedented success especially in terms of the international mileage gain and indiscriminate claiming of collateral damages innocent lives included, strengthens the motivation of myriad of terrorist organizations active today, to either copycat and planning for or carrying out attacks in the industry. The four attacks within a span of 8 months from October 2015 to June 2016 also show some kind of diversity in not just limiting their concentration to aircraft, but also the inclusion of operational areas of mass gathering within airports as well.

As much as many, especially Governments, their docile Civil Aviation Authorities and lacklustre agents of Ministries of Interior, airport policing service providers may hate to hear this. One of the main trends emerging from these recent terror attacks is the success by terrorist in making use of trusted insiders, or personnel employed by the aviation industry to aid or execute attacks.

In many yester year cases, terrorist organizations chose to recruit airport employees in order to transfer weapons to secure areas by bypassing security measures or to carry out the attack themselves. Today, the ball game has changed and terrorist have several ways at their disposal, which they can employ to their advantage. Some of them aided by the change in societal morality, where terrorism can for instance seem cool to the curiosity of some, hence the ease of recruitment via social networks, which can provide an almost unlimited supply of potential recruits.

One may wish to question the element of recruitment for example, and how it can be done? The truth is, it is very simple and can be carried out in traditional ways, via circles of acquaintances such as family, friends and in some cases even in mosques, I speak with the generality of being a Muslim here, not the bias of pointing a finger or peddling some unsubstantiated allegat