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Achieving Your Success Against All Odds: Carl Young of Johnson City, TN

Carl Young Johnson City, TN knows the value of perseverance and original ideas. He tells us the background story of one of his passions, firearms history, to demonstrate how persistence to a good idea can lead to outstanding success.

Achieving Your Success Against All Odds: Carl Young of Johnson City, TN

Designed in 1979, the Glock handgun originally faced a fair amount of market resistance. The first injection molded handgun, many thought that what they considered to be a “plastic gun” just wouldn’t be able to hold up to the safety and quality standards necessary for a firearm. While the barrel is still constructed of metal, the frame, grip, and magazine body are made of plastic.

When a trigger is pulled, the hammer hits the primer of the bullet causing a spark to ignite the gunpowder within the casing. The explosive expansion of the lit gunpowder forces the projectile from the barrel of the firearm, while the casing is expelled from the slide. The precision and stability of the gun barrel and it’s interaction with the grip and body of the gun determines the accuracy of the shot. Many thought that an injection molded plastic just couldn’t handle that kind of concussive force.

As it turned out, however, the “plastic” in question was a specially formulated polymer called Polymer 2. More shock resistant and resilient than most steel alloys, it stands up to temperature extremes and is more reliable than its predecessors.

Despite the initial concerns, the Glock is now the industry standard for American law enforcement and military personnel. This unconventional idea could have been a massive flop, but extensive study and hard work paid off in this case. Carl Young of Johnson City, TN believes in the strength of good ideas and perseverance.

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