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Fantastic Springtime Wines

The cold winter season is finally coming to an end, and spring is fast approaching.  For many, the wait for the warm weather and extra sunlight is far too long. Luckily, the spring season brings more opportunities to get outdoors and enjoy the fresh air; often with a nice bottle of your favorite springtime wines.  Get ready to bring the full-bodied winter reds back to the cellar! Here are some fantastic choices for springtime wines:


Starting on the lighter side, a sweet, bubbly Prosecco is perfect for a beautiful spring day.  A lighter form of champagne, Prosecco is full of flavor that’s easily enhanced with a few picks of fresh fruit, like your favorite berries or a flavorful peach.  It’s also a great option for pairing with a tasty meat and cheese plate if you’re hosting some company for the night.

Pinot Grigio

Pinot Grigio is a dryer option that sits in between the flavors of a Riesling or Moscato.  Perfect for a spring day where you’re looking for a fresh, crisp flavor, you can pour yourself a chilled glass and enjoy the various fruity flavors.  Your taste buds are likely to experience subtle hints of pear, lemon, and apple, depending on the ripeness of the grapes that are used.


Rosé is often considered a spring/summer time staple for wine lovers alike.  With a pink coloring, it’s a happy medium between your favorite red, or white.  Various flavors you may find in a glass, or bottle of Rosé can range from fruity strawberry and melons to citrus and rose flavors.  Like a glass of Pinto Grigio, the flavors you find may depend on the type of grape the Rosé was made with. Though much lighter in color than a typical red wine, Rosé is also made with red grapes, and the color is really dependent on when the winemaker removes the skins to reach their perfect color.

Pinot Noir

While many prefer a lighter, less full-bodied wine in the spring and summer season, Pinto Noir is generally a go-to springtime red.  With a nice Pinot Noir, you’ll experience savory flavors of deep red fruits, with a lighter body and color than compared to your other common red wines.  It’s a wine that’s light enough to be paired with grilled fish or a heavier choice of meat such as pork or duck.

Lambrusco (di Sorbara)

A delicious red that, out of the rest of the Lambrusco family, is the lightest option.  With this delicious choice, you’re looking at a sparkling red wine that will offer a refreshing taste, when it’s opened at the right time.  Your tastebuds will experience a dry refreshing wine that will give off delicious aromas of orange, cherries, and floral tones.

Fantastic Springtime Wines