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The Best Valentines Day Destinations in Europe

The Best Valentines Day Destinations in Europe

Thinking of a romantic Valentine’s Day getaway? Skip the crowds of Paris or Venice and find quiet romance in one of Europe’s secluded little hideaways instead. Consider one of these small town best Valentine’s Day destinations in Europe.

Taormina, Italy

Dreamy Taormina is a cozy clifftop town with mesmerizing views of volcanic Mount Etna and the Ionian Sea. Couples can stroll among ancient ruins and have a romantic dinner in one of the cafes that line the streets. Visit the Teatro Antico di Taormina, an ancient Greco-­Roman theater still in use. Tiny Isola Bella, an island with a nature preserve is connected to the town by a narrow stretch of sand.

Aveiro, Portugal

Stunning Art Nouveau architecture and houses painted in candy stripes add an aura of romance to Aveiro, an Atlantic seaside town surrounded by verdant gardens and canals swimming with boats. Go for boat rides, stroll the golden beaches, and picnic by the charming waterfront Jardim do Rossio.

Geiranger, Norway

A UNESCO-protected fjord and views of lofty snow-capped mountains create a picture-postcard-perfect getaway in Geiranger. Along with romantic views, this little Norwegian gem is a foodie’s dream. It’s full of cheese shops, chocolate shops, and restaurants featuring farm-to-table cuisine.

Annecy, France

The alpine town of Annecy spells romance in southeastern France with its pastel-colored houses along charming cobblestone streets. With a backdrop of bridge-covered canals and rolling hillsides, it’s easy to see why Annecy is often called “the Venice of Savoie.” Visit the medieval Château d’Annecy, former home to the Counts of Geneva. It’s now a museum filled with regional artifacts and a natural history museum.

Benasque, Spain

The nearby tall peaks of the Pyrenees mountain range makes being in Benasque more like vacationing in the Swiss Alps than northern Spain. Outdoorsy types will want to hike the Aiguallut Geomorphologic Path. Others will be happy whiling away the afternoon in a rustic little restaurant sipping hot, spiced wine.

Soglio, Switzerland

The Italian-Swiss painter Giovanni Segantini once called this small town in the alpine Bregaglia Valley “the gateway to paradise.” Soglio looks like it could be the set of the Sound of Music. Take a walk by the garden of historic Palazzo Salis to smell the roses that helped this little town become famous for its flowers.

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