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Time Management Tips for Entrepreneurs

Time Management Tips for Entrepreneurs

Life as an entrepreneur often moves quickly.  Between business, meetings, family and everything in between, as an entrepreneur, you’re likely spending a significant amount of time on the busier side.  Entrepreneurship requires specific skills and characteristics that directly relate to your overall potential for success. One of these skills in particular is essential to not only managing your work in an organized fashion, but ensuring that you’re using your time effectively and efficiently.  Time management is a key component to successful entrepreneurship, and knowing how to properly manage your time is a rewarding skills to hone in on.  

Start Simple

If you’re juggling multiple tasks throughout your week, try kicking things off with the simple ones first.  Tackling simple tasks will jump start your motivation to handle the more daunting or difficult ones down the road.  Keep in mind, completing small tasks still makes a nice dent in your list of “things to do”, and it will help you progress nicely as you take more on.  

Establish & Prioritize Long-Term & Short-Term Goals

As an entrepreneur your list of goals will consist of both long-term and short-term.  Establish these goals and the time-lines in which you expect to have them completed. Some may be quick, while others may take a longer period of time to fully reach.  Prioritize your time and schedule to tailor to each of your goals by their level of importance. Entrepreneur contributor, Mario Peshev states, “Learning to prioritize both long-term activities that gain momentum later in time, and short-term goals necessary for incremental results, is critical, and requires careful planning by entrepreneurs.”

Take Needed Breaks

While you’re focusing on your daily tasks and various long and short term goals, always remember that breaks are an essential component of time management as well.  Consistent work without a short break here and there can lead to an inevitable burnout. If you experience a burnout period, it can be hard to motivate yourself again; taking a break from your task list will keep your mind refreshed and ready to continue your work at a steady and regular pace.  It can even help your foster your creativity and bring new and exciting ideas and concepts to life.

The life of an entrepreneur can be hectic but rewarding.  To maximize your potential for success, focus on adopting healthy time management skills and utilize them properly.



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