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Wine Spotlight: Summertime Picks

Wine Spotlight: Summertime Picks

Each season, we highlight a few different wine picks that are an excellent match for the change of weather and time of year.  Now that the summer season is fully underway, we want to cover a few choice wine options that are perfect for the summertime season and all of the activities and events that come with it.  Here are a few classic choices you can turn to this summer:

Sauvignon Blanc

Sauvignon Blanc is the first on our list and the perfect addition to your next summertime event.  This white wine is extremely popular and holds a different taste than that of other white wines due to the grapes that are used.  If you’re looking into a Sauvignon Blanc, you can expect a dry wine with fruit flavors consisting of green apple, peach, lime and passion fruit; depending on how ripe the grapes that are used are, the flavor intensity can vary.  The major factor that separates a good Sauvignon Blanc from its other white wine counterparts are the herbaceous flavors you’ll taste, such as jalapeño and bell pepper.  


Chardonnay is a choice that can be made in a few different styles, all popular for different pallets.  This medium-bodied white wine offers flavors consisting of vanilla and butter, to pineapple and apple.  You can choose an Oaked Chardonnay or an Unoaked Chardonnay; each will provide a different flavor that is perfect for high-end (Oaked) pairings and entry-level (Unoaked) pairings. 


A Rosé is a perfect choice for those looking for an option between a red and a white wine.  A Rosé is made when the skins of red wine grapes touch the wine for only a short period of time.  Depending on the winemaker, the color of a Rosé can vary; some darker, some lighter. Once the wine has reached the preferred pigment of the winemaker, the grapes are removed.  In a Rosé, you’ll experience flavors such as citrus and rose, to strawberry and honeydew. It’s a great option for a flavorful combination of citrus, fruit, and flower. 


Merlot is a perfect summertime red, offering flavors of chocolate, plum, and cherry.  This dry, full-bodied choice, is a great wine for pairing with various food options; perfect for any party or gathering.  You can find entry-level Merlot options, perfect for pairing with easy meals like pizza or barbecue; or you can choose a more dominant blend, that goes well with meat pairings such as short ribs or turkey.



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