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Are we ready for online IT procurement?

Are we ready for online IT procurement?

After retrieving the data from our refreshing, non-electoral survey, we have a bit more insight on customers contemplating the possibility of purchasing Business Technology (infrastructure) online. Our results were very simple:

  • No one is buying Business Technology online
  • (because) No one is selling Business Technology online, and
  • Apparently, they don’t do it mainly because they don’t have the option

Now, entertaining this idea is complicated (which possibly explains the few “risky” answers), since there is so much information a consultant needs to be able to put pricing together. But our business model requires us to get as close to that idea as possible.

I'm not saying we should set up an eBay-style website where you’ll click through some options and we'll ship you 3 fully customized vBlocks with free shipping. However, we can’t deny that our customers research their options so much before even approaching a sales person that the next logical step is actually being able to get pricing, without interrupting the online search process.

What if there was a service that would allow the End Users to shop for IT and ICT components and get actual quotes and proposals from qualified, vetted consulting firms and resellers, having the opportunity to shop around, compare and even rate the latter, without ever stepping outside their office?

At RequestICT, we’re hoping to achieve this by providing IT Solution Providers, Distributors, and Vendors with a platform that will allow them to deliver online pricing to End Users over a private reverse-auction system. 

We have more research and testing to do before we can make this a reality, so, for now, we’ll just have to keep working and wait and see how the market responds.

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